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Is this a photo of the world’s longest Cheeto or a hoax?

Is this one long Cheeto or a bunch of regular Cheetos stuck together?


David Britton

Internet Culture

A Cheeto is a delicate work of art. The crispy puffs of cheesy goodness can be smashed into dust by the slightest pressure. When the bags are transported from the factory to the store, it’s only through the delicate handling of man, and the grace of a merciful god, that they arrive as anything but dust. Delicious, delicious dust.

So it seems the church has a miracle to investigate because, somehow, not only did this giant Cheeto end up being created and put in this tiny bag, it also made it all the away from the factory, to the store, to this woman’s hands, without being broken.

Or did it?

People on Twitter almost immediately began calling out the photo as a fake.

It’s hard to tell for sure from the angle of the picture, but it does look like the Cheeto in question might be even longer than the bag it came out of. Meaning that there’s either some sort of Dr. Who Tardis situation going on, or we’re being faked out.

If you’re feeling disappointed or even cheated (Cheat-oed?) then take heart. Back in 2013, a woman got a curly fry at Arby’s that was a whopping thirty-eight inches long.

giant curly fry
Photo via Huffington Post

So miracles do exist. You just have to know where to look.

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