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Kylie Jenner has some questions about chemtrails

The government is secretly poisoning us with airplane trails, and Kylie Jenner is here to expose the truth.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Internet Culture

Celebrities: They’re just like us. Or in Kylie Jenner‘s case, they’re just like that one distant relative who keeps posting weird 9/11 truther links on Facebook.

While taking a break from tweeting to fans and followers on Monday night, the reality TV star posted what looks suspiciously like a chemtrails macro.

“Whos is responcible,” indeed. 

Chemtrails conspiracy theorists believe that the government (or the Illuminati, depending on who you’re talking to) uses airplane trails to spread chemical agents through the air. It’s right up there with the moon landing in the annals of popular but easily debunked conspiracy theories, and we kind of love that cool teen Kylie Jenner felt it was worth sharing with her 9.4 million Twitter followers.

Jenner is no stranger to hokey beliefs. Last week, it was reported that she shared with Jaden and Willow Smith an interest in Orgone energy, a theory that proposes one can “balance Gaia’s energy” with magical organite “pucks” and crystals. This was described by various celebrity gossip sites as “A CULT,” although it mostly consisted of the three teens posting photos of sparkly pyramids on Instagram for a couple of months before getting bored.

As conspiracy theories go, chemtrails is relatively harmless. It encourages a healthy distrust of authority (albeit one coupled with a total lack of fact-checking). If nothing else, it’s certainly less damaging than being an anti-vaxxer.

Photo via Mike Lewinski/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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