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‘THE FEAR IN THE EYES’: Mikayla Nogueira’s ‘Kim Kardashian’ sound is terrifying pets

'My entire fyp is animals reacting to this sound.'


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

Posted on May 12, 2023

Beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira is inadvertently scaring pets on TikTok, thanks to a snippet of audio about Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look.

The sound features Nogueira, who’s from Massachusetts, forcefully saying the name “Kim Kardashian” with no R, before describing her “stunning, sexy” look from this year’s Met Gala and showing how to recreate it.

There have been accusations that Nogueira’s accent is fake, and the sound initially got popular because people couldn’t believe it’s real. It was also applied to annoying co-workers, and everyday jumpscares.

@dietjacob 👹 #fypシ #kimkardashian #metgala #mikaylanogueira ♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira

But over the last week or so, people have discovered that the way she abruptly says Kim Kardashian is terrifying to animals, and many filmed their own pets’ jumpscares.

@claudia_sarabiaa 😭#kimkardashian #mikaylanogueira ♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira

♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira


♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira

The sound, which was originally posted May 3, has been used in more than 20,000 TikToks. “My entire fyp is animals reacting to this sound,” said one commenter.

It’s also now being used to scare kids and adults.

@ally.severino "ally jesus christ bro" @Jake ♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira

Nogueira responded to comments about the pronunciation with cry-laugh emojis, but it’s not clear if she knows her voice is spooking animals as well. We reached out for comment via TikTok DM. In March, Nogueira claimed on a TikTok live that her accent is not a Boston one, but a “redneck accent from where I’m from.”

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*First Published: May 12, 2023, 12:51 pm CDT