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Pro-Trump troll Jack Posobiec gets roasted for serving Papa John’s at his wedding rehearsal

Not what you expect to see at a rehearsal dinner.


Chris Tognotti

Internet Culture

Right-wing Twitter personality Jack Posobiec sent out a tweet Saturday that elicited a big reaction. Specifically, a whole lot of derision, laughter, and mockery, as the Donald Trump booster revealed that he decided to serve Papa John’s pizza at the rehearsal dinner for his wedding, seemingly turning a major event for friends and family into just another attempt to troll the libs.

During the past week, Papa John’s pizza has become, as not-so-hot big brand pizza goes, fairly politicized. That’s thanks to its CEO, John Schnatter, who blamed his company’s suffering earnings on the anti-police brutality protests sweeping throughout the NFL. Subsequently, vehement Trump supporters and white nationalists have rallied behind the embattled pizza brand, with one prominent neo-Nazi website dubbing it a contender for the “official pizza of the alt-right.”

That’s the context for what Posobiec was hoping to achieve with the Papa John’s stunt, and in the day that’s followed, he’s been tweeting regularly about having successfully “triggered” the progressive left. A great deal of the replies to his tweet aren’t shocked, horrified, or agitated, however, so much as guffawing that he’d torpedoed his own rehearsal dinner.

Political cartoonist Matt Bors also joined in on the fun, re-posting one of his works that’s pretty much the definitive take on this brand of “own the left by doing something really self-defeating” trolling.

Posobiec has been involved in several attention-grabbing publicity stunts dating back to the 2016 presidential campaign, perhaps most notably his reported involvement in planting a “RAPE MELANIA” sign at a left-wing protest and his interruption of a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar during the summer. Despite this history, however, he’s clearly a welcome face at the White House, having reportedly obtained a press pass earlier this year.

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