uguuu Trumpu-desu

Screengrab via YouTube

Donald’s just not the kind of senpai you wish would notice you.

If you’ve been considering moving to Canada in case of a Trump presidency, it may be that you haven’t seen the light of what such a future could really be like. After all, we aren’t soothsayers, and most of what a candidate says during a campaign is vapor anyway. 

Luckily, Japan has seen the future, and it makes Trump into something that you never thought he could be: a crushworthy heartthrob.

Both beautiful and terrifying, Trump’s ultra-kawaii future as a senpai that everyone hopes to be noticed by is something we never actually thought of. It’s not a real commercial (although knowing Japan’s penchant for the weird, it actually could pass for one), but an amazing art video from YouTuber Mike Diva, who you may remember from a dog meme video back in May. 

He’s also the guy behind that Kazoo Kid trap remix you laughed at earlier this year.

Diva has experimented with Japanese commercials before, and his visions are startlingly on-point. It’s hard to tell that his take on a Furby commercial isn’t a real advertisement from Japan. Well, until the end, anyway.

If you’re really feeling kawaii Trump, by the way, there’s a Tumblr for that.

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