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Dominican newspaper uses mug shot of Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump instead of Trump himself

Alec Baldwin’s impression is good. But it’s not THAT good.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

Alec Baldwin is set to host Saturday Night Live this week, and there likely will be Donald Trump impressions galore.

But before then, Dominican Republic newspaper El Nacional had a little fun with Baldwin and Trump on its own, albeit unintentionally. In its Friday editions, the newspaper used a mug shot of Baldwin portraying Trump instead of a photo of Trump himself to run with an article about Israel.  

If Trump saw that, he clearly would be outraged. He’s tweeted about Baldwin’s impression of him multiple times, saying the mimicry “just can’t get any worse” and blasting SNL for being biased.

But the newspaper’s mug shot selection was another twist in their relationship saga. And the internet found it hilarious.

As for El Nacional’s response to the mistake? It was somewhere along the lines of, “My bad, y’all.” 

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