Aspiring celebrity cat seeks social media manager

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mr. pants

Mr. Panther Pants needs someone to help him “gain a ginormous following on Instagram.” Don’t we all.

Recent college graduates living in the Los Angeles area, now’s your chance to put your useless liberal arts degree to good use and work for a cat.

On Tuesday, a person named Jill posted a Craigslist ad looking for an Instagram manager and social media marketing intern for Mr. Panther Pants, a fashion-conscious feline whose owner has dubbed “the Perez Hilton of Cats.”

“He’s caddy and sassy and completely snarky,” the Craigslist poster claims. “He always has an opinion where other cat or dog fashion is concerned. He has his own style. We’ll be creating a voice for him.”

Potential candidates must have a great work ethic, have insight on how to “gain a ginormous following on Instagram,” and must love cats. It’s also important that any applicants possess a good sense a humor. After all, you’ll basically be a cat’s personal assistant, so the ability to laugh at oneself is a must.

Responsibilities will include “creating celebrity brand awareness” and managing Mr. Panther Pants’s not-so-large presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Currently, he only has 5, 43, and 683 followers, respectively.

Pay is commensurate on experience. Just kidding, it’s an unpaid internship for “College Credit/ Resume Building/Solid Job Reference.” 

Those interested in the position should reevaluate their lives.

Photo via Mr. Panther Pants//Facebook

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