cat froot loops


Cats have taken to the internet to demand your Froot Loops

But how many loops will it fit?


Stacey Ritzen

Internet Culture

At face value, Froot Loops and cats seem to have little in common. One is a sugary, brightly-colored breakfast cereal touted by a toucan named Sam that hearkens back to simpler times of sitting in front of the TV to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning. And the other is, well, cats—our ambivalent feline overlords.

But because the internet does nothing else if not keep us on our toes, “cats wanting Froot Loops” is now a thing. It all started back in August of last year when an imgur user posted the following image of a friend’s cat titled “Fat Cat Epicness.”

The image went viral and was memed here and there, at some point crossing streams with “brother may I have some oats“. However, new life was breathed into it on Twitter this month when a variation of the meme was tweeted by user @Buxdragon.

But it didn’t really take off until earlier this week when @Akendolfr posted the following image of a cat ostensibly begging for loops, presented in a cactus margarita glass. (Because apparently, much like Reese’s, there’s no wrong way to eat the loops.)

And from there, Twitter ran with it:

There were also the obligatory takes on the “slaps roof of car” meme:

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first instance of cats thirsting for the sweet, sweet loops on Twitter, as a rudimentary search turns up.

If cats really do crave Froot Loops, in all honesty, it’s probably because of the milk, which as a reminder is not good to give to cats. So there’s your public service announcement of the day.

But otherwise, we can probably all agree on one thing:

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