Wrong answers rule in this ‘name that film’ meme

The “wrong answers only” meme has struck again!

This familiar meme has been around for ages, but every variation on it provides a fresh laugh. And while there always seems to be at least a few options circulating on social media at any given time, every so often, one really makes a splash.

So today, let’s turn our attention to this incredibly open to interpretation screengrab from Alien: Resurrection.

It’s better to go into a meme like this one knowing as little as possible about the real scene, so if you’re a rare human who hasn’t experienced the Alien franchise, we won’t spoil it for you here. (But maybe go watch them all immediately after reading this. For your own good.)

Instead, here are some of the most hilarious titles Sigourney Weaver and her little alien could be acting out.



The opportunity to shift perspective on Alien: Resurrection and, more likely, make amazingly horrifying jokes even drew celebrities into the game.


From rom-coms to thrillers to, somehow, family-friendly fun, there are no wrong answers here. Erm, or there are no right answers here. All wrong answers are right answers.

And some answers, wrong or right or whatever you want to call them, ended up being creepier than others…

The accuracy, though.

And once you’ve sufficiently filled your brain with genre-bending opportunities for bizarre nightmares to fill the remainder of your nights, don’t worry, there are still plenty of other takes on this meme to go spend your hours combing through.


Rachel Kiley

Rachel Kiley

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