13 epic Pinterest party fails

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Pins can inspire your decorations, appetizers, cakes, and more, but often it doesn’t quite turn out how you’d like.

There’s no end to the inspiration one can find by exploring the virtual pinboards on Pinterest. It’s where soon-to-be brides get ideas for their weddings, amateur chefs decide to try something new, and everyone aspires to recreate the amazing pin they’ve just discovered.

Sometimes, however, these pinspirations go horribly wrong, especially when you try to use Pinterest to plan your latest party.

Pins can inspire your decorations, appetizers, cakes, and more, but often it doesn’t quite turn out how you’d like. Here are 13 of the most epic Pinterest party fails we could find online.

1) Watermelon shark

Photo via CraftFail

2) Strawberry cake

Photo via Pinterest

3) Paper lace doily lanterns

Photo via An Aud Blog

4) String cheese balls

Photo via Pinterest

5) Ombre curtains

Photo via CraftFail

6) Cauliflower bread sticks

Photo via CraftFail

7) Wine glass chalkboard base

Photo via Epic Pinterest Fail

8) Doctor Who Dalek cake

Photo via CraftFail

9) Vegan corn dogs

Photo via Pinterest Fail

10) Cake batter martini

Photo via Pintester

11) String art balloons

Photo via CraftFail

12) Hot chocolate cake

Photo via Pinterest Fail

13) Grilled banana boats

Photo via Epic Pinterest Fail

Illustration by Jason Reed


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