Not even the DIY experts at Pinstrosity can save these disasterous pins. 

Pinterest is the perfect platform to share photos of your impeccably perfected craft projects and artful home improvement measures that would make Martha Stewart jealous.

But when those projects flop, there’s always Pinstrosity—a blog that showcases the dark side of Pinterest, the DIY projects gone bad.

Emilee and Marquette, the bloggers behind Pinstrosity, have seen their share of failed projects inspired by perfect pins—to the tune of 40 user submissions a week. To keep track of them all, they’ve developed a “fail scale,” where Level Five is the worst and most difficult to correct.

The pair shared a few of their most popular failed projects—and how to fix three of them—with the Daily Dot.

1) Party balloons

Verdict: Not fixable. The bloggers deemed this Level 5 project too far gone.

2) Nutella cookies

Verdict: Fixable. “Here is the problem: This is called ‘Three Ingredient Nutella Cookies,’ you have your 1 cup of sugar, your 1 egg, and your 1 cup of Nutella. No flour. Not even a little bit. This would explain why the ‘cookie’ is more of a giant brownie edge,” Marquette wrote.

3) Body wash from a bar of soap

Verdict: Fixable. “The trick to this is the amount of water,” Emilee wrote.

4) Marble nail polish

Verdict: Fixable. “[F]rom my experience it usually takes a few tries before it turns out, but once you get in the groove it becomes much easier,” Emilee wrote.

5) Glow-in-the-dark bubbles

Verdict: Not fixable. The bloggers aren’t even sure this is scientifically possible. “This pin is officially popped,” Marquette wrote.

Photos via Pinstrosity

Pinstrosity—correcting Pinterest fails one pin at a time
Just because something's been pinned a lot, that doesn't mean it's easy to make. Thankfully, Pinstrosity is here to help. 
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