The Sun allegedly deletes negative Caroline Flack story after her death
The story was about a Valentine's Day card mocking Flack's assault allegations. The former 'Love Island' host was found dead in her home on Saturday.

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YouTube Red launched October 2015 as a paid subscription service for ad-free YouTube videos and original programming. Instead of paying creators based on ad revenue, YouTube pays creators based on watch time and volume of videos streamed relative to all other videos on the service. YouTube Red has made inroads into original programming with movies, documentaries, and reality and scripted series from homegrown creators.

YouTube Premium is officially here: What you need to know
It costs more—but includes a new music streaming service.
‘Cobra Kai’ is YouTube Red’s first big hit
The series is offering no mercy when it comes to audience engagement.
‘Cobra Kai’ plays with heroes and villains
William Zabka says that crane kick set him free.
‘Harry Potter’ co-stars reunite for a YouTube Red series
They will be among a group of survivors on a distant planet.
The 5 best YouTube Premium original movies
There's everything from documentaries and comedies to sci-fi movies.
What happened to YouTube Red?!
There's plenty of content to peruse.
YouTube reportedly asking musicians to sign non-disparagement agreements
It's hitting musicians and original series creators.
Steve-O adopted a Peruvian street dog—and the internet is in love
Meet Wendy, Steve-O's new best friend.
YouTube acquires Eminem-produced rap comedy ‘Bodied’
The project was a breakout at film festivals last year.
YouTube series re-shoots sexual assault scene when woman joins team
She wanted to make the scene more 'visceral and real.'
YouTube Red greenlights Tinder-based comedy series ‘Swipe Right’
What if you had to date every single one of your Tinder matches?
Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me’ sequel could be coming exclusively to YouTube
In his sequel, he tries to open a fast-food chicken restaurant.
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