YouTube Red launched October 2015 as a paid subscription service for ad-free YouTube videos and original programming. Instead of paying creators based on ad revenue, YouTube pays creators based on watch time and volume of videos streamed relative to all other videos on the service. YouTube Red has made inroads into original programming with movies, documentaries, and reality and scripted series from homegrown creators.

YouTube Red greenlights Tinder-based comedy series ‘Swipe Right’
What if you had to date every single one of your Tinder matches?
Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me’ sequel could be coming exclusively to YouTube
In his sequel, he tries to open a fast-food chicken restaurant.
YouTube unveils buffet of new series, and plans for virtual reality
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed a big number Thursday at VidCon.
‘Kedi’ explores the ‘intertwined lives’ of humans and cats in Istanbul
Cats may rule the internet, but in Turkey there's a deeper connection between man and feline.
‘This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous’ fails its stunning subject
The transgender activist is a digital icon. But her documentary tells the wrong story.
Behind ‘Paranormal Action Squad,’ YouTube Red’s new animated series
'With animation, you can go to any dimension or galaxy or underworld.'
YouTube Red is making the ‘Jumper’ sequel that nobody asked for
'Jumper' starred Hayden Christensen and got negative reviews, and for some reason YouTube is making a sequel.
With 2 scripted YouTube series, BuzzFeed looks to move beyond viral videos
The first one, 'Broke,' debuts Sept. 28.
Rooster Teeth recreates ‘Lazer Team’ after redditor complains their DVD doesn’t work
'Why don't we just act it out while you wait for us to send you a new one.'
Behind ‘Single by 30,’ YouTube Red’s relatable new rom-com
Wong Fu Productions new series aims YouTube Red content at an older audience.
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