LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. The term has been in use since the early 1990s as a way of addressing the political, cultural, and personal issues of concern to the LGBT community as well as the queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual communities.

Queer developer blasts Steam over ‘backwards’ adult filter review
It's yet another example of Valve putting developers through hoops.
Reddit lesbian porn: The best queer NSFW subreddits for dykes
Dive into the best lesbian audio porn and gone wild stories.
Lesbian porn artist’s Twitter suspension raises new fears for NSFW creators
'Twitter really doesn't protect anyone in my field.'
Reddit celebrates father’s ‘wholesome’ post about catching his son having ‘gay sex’
'Dad wanting them to feel safe being intimate at home is an unexpected and great surprise.'
10 ways the 2010s challenged how we think about being transgender
From 'Pose' to Chelsea Manning, transness is changing.
When queer representation in a blockbuster is treated like an Easter egg
Details of a brief scene in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' are raising some eyebrows.
Trans/Sex: In 2019, I learned why Pride isn’t Pride without kink
It's not Pride if it doesn't have leather.
High school students displayed a Confederate flag in response to pride flags on campus
The students posted about the incident on Snapchat.
YouTube says it will be harsher on creators with ‘patterns of harassing behavior’
Will the creators the previous policy failed get an apology?
‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ is a transcendent, lesbian period romance
Céline Sciamma's period romance reels you in and never lets you go.
Warren dunks on hypothetical same-sex marriage hater at CNN town hall
A lot of people online loved her joke response.
Jake Paul’s Team 10 responds to transphobia allegations
Two women say they were kicked out of a party because they're trans.
People are not falling for these ICE ‘propaganda’ photos
People are comparing photos ICE tweeted to Nazi propaganda.
Halsey pays tribute to assaulted lesbian couple, rips ‘straight pride’ parade during London concert
She wore a shirt that had the now-viral of the photo of the bloodied women on it.
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