LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. The term has been in use since the early 1990s as a way of addressing the political, cultural, and personal issues of concern to the LGBT community as well as the queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual communities.

Students call for professor’s firing after he hosts ‘female or shemale’ quiz during class
He also allegedly cautioned students not to take 'the wrong one' home from the bar.
Sam Smith says he feels ‘just as much a woman as I am man’
He feels 'just as much a woman as I am man.'
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ actor Wilson Cruz strikes back at homophobic fans
Wilson Cruz has no patience for homophobic Star Trek fans.
Neo-Nazi leaves movement after coming out as gay, Jewish
Once he experienced hatred first-hand, he decided to change his ways.
The future is fluid: Generation Z’s approach to gender and sexuality is indeed revolutionary
Most teens do not identify as 'completely heterosexual' and know someone who is nonbinary.
California is the first state to legally acknowledge nonbinary residents
Because not all people are either 'male' or 'female.'
Trump speaks at anti-LGBT organization’s summit, where flyers warned of ‘health hazards of homosexuality’
Trump said he was 'honored and thrilled' to speak at 'this incredible gathering of friends, so many friends.'
John Constantine will finally be a ‘chain-smoking bisexual’ on TV
Plus, they're finally allowing him to smoke onscreen.
National Coming Out Day isn’t just about coming out
If you're not ready, it's OK to stay in the closet.
It’s no longer felony to knowingly infect others with HIV in California
Sex worker and LGBTQ activists are praising the law change.
Critics blast Jeff Sessions’ religious liberty guidelines as a ‘license to discriminate’
The 25-page memo tells federal agencies to err on the side of religious freedom.
Trans filmmaker alleges her work was stolen for Netflix’s latest documentary
The allegations shine a light on cis white men taking credit for work by trans women of color.
Falling in love with a woman forced me to face my body image issues
Forget the male gaze—comparing ourselves to other women can be just as detrimental.
Republican saved by lesbian cop is speaking at anti-LGBTQ conference
Rep. Steve Scalise also survived a mass shooting and is anti-gun control.
How ‘social justice warrior’ went from hero to joke
Is it time to retire the term—or reclaim it?
Meet the LGBTQ protesters who helped shut down a white supremacist rally
The white supremacists were outnumbered—and chased away.
Virginia candidate fires back against transphobic opponent with powerful ad
Danica Roem has been repeatedly been misgendered and attacked by her opponent.