A man being pepper-sprayed in the face by police

Video shows federal agent pepper-spray Vietnam vet in the face

'I took an oath to serve this government, and my government committed atrocities in Vietnam.'

On Jul 26, 2020 by Mikael Thalen

Richard Nixon

After 45 years, newly published Watergate memo reveals plot to attack protesters

The plot included an attack on whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

On Jun 19, 2017 by David Gilmour

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Sen. John McCain demands an apology from Donald Trump over remarks about American POWs

'I think it’s important for Donald Trump to express his appreciation for veterans—not John McCain.'

On May 8, 2016 by Dell Cameron

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Stephen Hawking is right—the AI arms race is already here

And humans may be powerless to stop it.

On Jul 29, 2015 by Gillian Branstetter

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Watch a Vietnam War veteran intercede in the violent Baltimore protests

'They need to have their butts at home,' he said of the rioters.

On Apr 28, 2015 by Marisa Kabas

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Everyone is furious about this photo of kids climbing on a Vietnam memorial

Matthew Munson's photograph is a punch in the gut.

On Mar 25, 2015 by Dylan Love

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Ted Cruz’s birthplace matters—but not for the reason you think

Ted Cruz was born in Canada, but you won't hear complaint about it from the GOP.

On Mar 24, 2015 by Matthew Rozsa

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Facebook helps reunite a Vietnam War vet and the son he left behind

More than 40 years later, a man meets his son. 

On Apr 27, 2014 by Kate Knibbs

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A psychological history of the NSA

The NSA's domestic activites reveal how an organization of well-meaning agents began spying on the American people. 

On Oct 18, 2013 by Joe Kloc