computer screen on Ai Content Detector website with caption 'I guess my professor used ChatGBT to give me feedback' (l) computer screen with finger pointing to professor's grading with caption 'I guess my professor used ChatGBT to give me feedback' (c) 1% human generated content on computer screen with caption 'I guess my professor used ChatGBT to give me feedback' (r)

‘Did you even read it?’: Student catches professor using AI to give her feedback

On May 11, 2023 by Stacy Fernandez

IT worker blocks TikTok from network

‘I can’t wait for the flood of tickets’: IT worker says he was told to block TikTok from Florida university network, sparking debate

'I just switch to unlimited data.'

On Apr 9, 2023 by Braden Bjella

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‘Y’all better start working out and eating healthy’: Woman films nursing students online shopping during lecture

'Totally justifiable when all they do is read off the slides.'

On Mar 13, 2023 by Brooke Park

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‘I guess I’ll enroll in a payment plan’: Student says university threatened to withhold her diploma if she didn’t pay her balance of 1 cent

'Make sure to ask them to mail you a receipt.'

On Feb 20, 2023 by Vladimir Supica

Florida state building in Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Florida professors consider fleeing the state after DeSantis’ ‘un-American’ mass search of texts, emails

In a state with a nascent white supremacist movement, educators now fear for their safety.

On Feb 9, 2023 by Claire Goforth

computer screen with Baked Potato being added to cart caption 'PLEASE SELECT A well done Baked Potato' 'my professor is currently ordering a baked potato in the middle of class and doesn't know she is sharing her screen' (l) Woman with hand on mouth caption 'this woman is fully entering her credit card information and broadcasting it to the class' (c) computer screen with 'Chicken Meal' added to cart caption 'update- she got chicken too' (r)

‘This woman is fully entering her credit card information’: Professor orders baked potato on Zoom while unknowingly sharing screen

'why didnt you tell herrrrr.'

On Oct 6, 2022 by Melody Heald

email from university caption 'If you have negative amount due you have a credit balance and do not owe the College. Amount due $1.96' (l) man with hand on chin caption 'Not my $1.3B endowed school hitting me up for $2 the past 8 months' (c) typing email reply to school caption 'are you guys hurting for the $1.96 or do y'all got this' (r)

‘Are y’all hurting for it?’: TikToker’s university hounds him for outstanding bill under $2

'Since it's been 8 months I'm assuming there are no consequences of not paying it right?'

On Jul 24, 2022 by Braden Bjella

woman with hand over mouth holding in laugh caption 'This guy in my coding class at Columbia complaining about being a man in Psychology' (l) Students sitting in circle male student speaking to female students (r)

‘There’s just like so many women to compete against’: Columbia student complains about how hard it is to be a man in the psychology field

'Does he realize how ironic that statement is?'

On Jun 21, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

robot on wheels with balloons tied to it driving around a library

‘So happy that my tuition went towards a balloon robot that roams the library during finals week’: Private college roasted for balloon robot in viral TikTok, sparking debate

'Have to pay to print but hey at least there’s a robot with balloons to hopefully provide some serotonin.'

On May 23, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

young woman crying with caption 'POV: you're declining your acceptance to your dream university because fafsa wasn't enough to cover dorm costs'

‘The price of college in America is unfair as it is’: Girl has to turn down acceptance to ‘dream college’ because FASFA won’t even cover dorm, sparking debate

'The sad reality of a lot of Hispanic students wanting a higher education.'

On May 13, 2022 by Braden Bjella

laptop screen with presentation 'Global Organizational Structures' caption 'taking two courses that are presenting the exact slides word for word' (l) woman at laptop caption 'e,ailing the director to complain that I'm paying $46,000 for this.' (c) laptio screen with another presentation that is identical to 'Global Organizational Structures' caption 'taking two courses that are presenting the same exact slides word for word' (r)

‘I can get EXPELLED for plagiarism but y’all can do THIS’: College student discovers she was given identical slides in 2 different courses

'After graduating college I realized how much of a scam it is.'

On Apr 19, 2022 by Braden Bjella

college graduation caps with facial recognition tech on top

‘Don’t stop at one search’: Emails reveal how Clearview pushed college police to use facial recognition on students

Clearview's free samples can be used against you.

On Mar 24, 2022 by Louise Macaraniag

Old books strapping a shiny chain. Forbidden literature locked with a padlock. Dark background.

Infamous, reactionary tweeters band together to launch own university that will teach ‘forbidden courses’

'Are you offering a major in getting ratio'd or just a certificate?'

On Nov 8, 2021 by Claire Goforth

defective showers at howard university

‘Why were students not informed?’: Viral video shows defective safety showers at university research lab

'This has to be an OSHA violation.'

On Nov 1, 2021 by Rachel Kiley

A USC Frat house is covered in graffiti after allegations of sexual assault and drugging.

‘Don’t let them forget’: TikTok shows frat house covered in graffiti to protest allegations of spiked drinks, sexual assault

'Frat row has got to go,' protesters shouted.

On Oct 26, 2021 by Tricia Crimmins