A woman with eyes blacked out.

Tech exec posts contact info for journalist after getting pissed about her coverage

Ken Glueck wanted dirt on Mara Hvistendahl. Instead he’s created a new variation of the ‘Streisand effect.’

On by Claire Goforth

Barrett Brown

Why Barrett Brown burned his National Magazine Award—and what he’s planning next

It came as a result of the Snowden archives getting shut down.

On by David Gilmour

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks: Leaked WikiLeaks Twitter Messages Slam 'Sadistic' and 'Hawkish' Clinton

WikiLeaks offers $10K for ‘public exposure & termination’ of reporter over Russian hacking leak story

Did the Intercept’s reporting get their own source arrested?

On by Andrew Wyrich

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Drones will keep us at war forever

If you were hoping for an end to the war in Afghanistan, this was not your week.

On by Gillian Branstetter

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The Intercept gives Adnan Syed’s prosecutor free space to attack ‘Serial’

Is the podcast guilty?

On by Nayomi Reghay

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The fractured postmortem narratives of ‘Serial’

Will Jay Wilds’ new interview answer questions, or only lead to more?

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Why the tech-bro takeover of media keeps failing

The mass resignations at the New Republic today are part of a bigger pattern.

On by Miles Klee

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Greenwald delays biggest Snowden story yet after new U.S. government claims

Fresh claims from the government have forced Greenwald to drop his planned midnight release.

On by Dell Cameron

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The U.S. is spying on Afghanistan’s phone calls, WikiLeaks reveals

WikiLeaks finally posted the name of the country after overruning the 72-hour deadline.

On by Rob Price

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Why Reddit mods are ‘censoring’ Greenwald’s latest bombshell

Redditors from r/news have obsessed over Greenwald’s latest Edward Snowden leak. Then the story was banned.

On by Fernando Alfonso III

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