man walking into airport (l) wedding ring on table (c) both with caption 'my husband forgot his wedding ring when he went to Vegas for a bachelor party', waitress pouring drink into woman's mouth with caption 'I locked his card and I went out too!' (r)

‘He forgets his ring, his card forgets to work’: Woman gets revenge on husband who ‘forgot’ wedding ring before Vegas trip

‘No one accidentally forgets their ring before a trip to Vegas.’

On by Jack Alban

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People can’t stop salivating over the size of Melania Trump’s ring in her White House portrait

So much bling.

On by Josh Katzowitz

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Yankees fan f**ks up proposal by dropping engagement ring in stands

Mark this one down in the books as unforced error.

On by Austin Powell

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Career counselor says women who wear engagement rings to interviews look ‘high-maintenance’

‘Who knew this would be so controversial?’

On by Jaya Saxena

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These inventive rings can stand in for tabletop game dice

Who needs dice when you can decide your fate with a quick spin of a ring?

On by Lisa Granshaw

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Artist draws a Rey-a-Day in amazing ‘Star Wars’ fanart series

There’s no end in sight for this stunning fanart project.

On by Lisa Granshaw

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Ring bearer owl tries to ditch the wedding, flies into a closed window

You had one job.

On by Gabe Bergado

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Japanese artist hand-crafts beautiful ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber rings

This fourth-generation ikebana artist took time out from flower arranging to make jewelry-loving geeks happy.

On by Aja Romano

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Owl delivers rings, instantly makes wedding ceremony more awesome

Owl ring deliveries are totally a thing now.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Holiday gift guide: The best high-tech jewelry

From the release of the Apple Watch to the MICA smart bracelet, 2014 was the year of the tech-infused accessory.

On by EJ Dickson

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