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Artist draws a Rey-a-Day in amazing ‘Star Wars’ fanart series

There's no end in sight for this stunning fanart project.


Lisa Granshaw

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Published Jun 28, 2016   Updated May 26, 2021, 1:04 pm CDT

What started as just a single piece of fanart for Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens has grown into a stunning and colorful daily project by illustrator Michael Firman.

The project is called “Rey-a-Day” and features Rey in a different piece of art that Firman shares on his Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts. The illustrator told the Daily Dot in an email interview that even though he’s wanted to try a daily art exercise, this series wasn’t planned.

“I saw The Force Awakens for the first (and only) time after its disc release, and it reignited an excitement for Star Wars that had waned since my childhood,” he said. “I loved the new characters, Rey and Finn in particular. My first fanart felt insufficient, and Rey’s name rhymes with day, so the ritual took shape from there.”

Firman draws Rey in a number of styles, sometimes on her own and sometimes with other characters like Han Solo and BB-8. Each piece is usually drawn by Firman the same day he posts them on social media, though some days he occasionally has the next Rey ready if the process is flowing well.

“I have a small pool of ideas in the back of my mind, but often it’s improvised as I sit to draw,” he said. “I try to practice some creativity either in the technique I’m using or the circumstances in which she’s depicted.”

As of Tuesday, Firman reached day 68 of his project. The illustrator doesn’t have an end date in mind, saying that it’s “at the mercy of its own momentum.”

“Each day could be the last as I risk feeling like the well is dry or like my motivation is sapped, but drawing in spite of that tension can be part of the exercise,” he said. “I am curious to see how absurd a total I can get to!”

No matter how long Rey-a-Day lasts, for now at least fans can get their Rey fix before she returns to the big screen. His series has even caught the eye of Rey herself, actress Daisy Ridley, who has commented on his art on Instagram. 

You can see more of Firman’s Rey-a-Day series and catch his latest work on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr

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*First Published: Jun 28, 2016, 6:34 pm CDT