hooters employee turns flash on and takes photos of man who was taking photos of women tiktok

‘We all uncomfortable now’: Hooters server says customer was taking pictures of girls without their consent — so she turns on her flash and takes photos of him

‘I love this energy.’

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man at mall holding phone out caption 'Someone come get they nasty blank uncle' (L) man holding phone up to ear screen shows recording (c) man in mall hand out other man pointing finger caption 'Someone come get they nasty blank uncle' (r)

‘Thank you for protecting women’: TikToker goes viral for confronting man allegedly pretending to be on the phone in order to film mall patrons

‘Keep them queens safe.’

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Woman goes off on subway masturbator in one incredible rant

‘Do some freaky sh*t again and I’ma get up out this chair and I’ma bust your a**.’

On by Mary Emily O’Hara

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The war on cargo shorts is everything wrong with social media shaming

You might hate cargo shorts—but mocking everyone who wears them makes you look like a jerk.

On by Joanna Schroeder

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The Beckham pacifier controversy reveals an ugly truth about parental shaming

Parenting is a constant exercise in insecurity, because it’s impossible to get completely right.

On by Dana Norris

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Paula Deen’s racism controversy reveals the limits of public shaming

Public shaming is not a failsafe tool.

On by Derrick Clifton

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These public shaming break-ups are both terrible and hilarious

What goes around comes around.

On by Dylan Love

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Mom fired from daycare job for Facebook post about hating kids

To be fair, the post was social media suicide.

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A YouTube star’s failed public shaming is Internet justice at its finest

Graceffa didn’t expect the perpetrator to make his own response video, completely one-upping him. Guess who the Internet sided with?

On by Mike Fenn

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Restaurant treats reservation ditchers to public Twitter shaming

People who fail to meet restaurant reservations should be forced to wash the dishes for two hours at the next place they eat at. That’s a fact. 

On by Kris Holt

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“Ladygate” is about more than Korean women’s bad behavior

What’s behind the Korean trend of shaming women on the Internet over their “unladylike” public behavior?

On by Aja Romano

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