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This Instagram celebrity is ridiculously good at Photoshop

With just 100 photos to his credit, Peeje T has more than 53,000 followers who watch him digitally hang out with the stars.

On by Kris Holt

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Web star Veronica Belmont’s photos used in catfishing scheme

Belmont told her Facebook friends that someone had stolen her photos to create a fake dating profile, and then written a blog post about the experience.

On by Tim Sampson

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University of Michigan hires woman to dupe football players online

Coach Brady Hoke taught his players a lesson about social media the hard way. 

On by Kevin Collier

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YouTube Guide: Brett Domino is insane in the membrane

Plus: Manti Te’o and Katie Couric get Auto-Tuned.

On by Michelle Jaworski

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Twitter troll takes over Te’o’s fake girlfriend’s account

One of the Twitter accounts belonging to Notre Dame quarterback Manti Te’o’s nonexistent Internet girlfriend was claimed by a prankster and used to troll Te’o and the media.

On by Kevin Collier

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NMA has its own absurd interpretation of the Manti Te’o story

The clip features an animated leprechaun, uncommonly awesome fake tears, and the symbolic transformation of Te’o’s body into a Transformer.

On by Chase Hoffberger

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“Teoing”: Fake girlfriend scandal gets its own photo meme

It’s like Tebowing and Eastwooding had an annoying baby.

On by Jordan Valinsky

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5 ways to fake an Internet girlfriend better than Manti Te’o

On the Internet, there are myriad ways to conjure a seemingly real lover from zeroes and ones.

On by Cooper Fleishman

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Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend is the biggest story on Twitter

Deadspin’s exposé of the Notre Dame star’s involvement in an elaborate hoax utterly dominated the conversation on Twitter Wednesday night.

On by Fernando Alfonso III

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