Three split of house

‘Lennar homes are literally cardboard’: Homeowner warns against company building houses across the country, says it charges hidden fees

‘Not the for rent already.’

On May 23, 2024 by Charlotte Colombo

Woman talking(l+r), Tow Truck with car(c)

‘They couldn’t just knock on the door?’: Homeowner says HOA towed her car out of her own driveway

‘And what have we learned?! DO NOT LIVE IN HOA NEIGHBORHOODS!!!’

On May 14, 2024 by Maya Wray

door knob (l) person in car with caption 'first time homeowner nightmare' (c) cigarette butts (r)

‘The way it kept getting worse’: New homeowner loses access to his house right after buying it. He’s shocked when he finds out why

‘All of this in one night is nuts.’

On May 10, 2024 by Grace Fowler

Homeowner learns neighborhood’s HOA has been fake for 25 years

‘I am so invested’: Homeowner learns neighborhood’s HOA of 25 years is fake

‘Similar situation happened in my neighborhood.’

On Feb 29, 2024 by Braden Bjella

man calculating payment while holding pen to notepad (l) man speaking in front of wood paneling background (c) mortgage rate concept, 2 houses with cash over paperwork in front of chart background (r)

‘I just found out that my parents’ mortgage is $287’: Homeowner says his mortgage is 27 times higher than his parents’

‘My house is valued at a third of my parents’ house.’

On Oct 26, 2023 by Stacy Fernandez

Lawyer says not to let parents gift you their house, shares what to do instead

‘The fact that we have to find ways and tricks out of simple things’: Lawyer says not to let parents gift you their house, shares what to do instead

‘Me saving this even though my mom doesn’t own a house.’

On Sep 28, 2023 by Beau Paul

woman speaking with caption 'I am currently getting sued by my HOA' (l) Homeowners Association paper on wooden surface with toy house (c) woman speaking with caption 'I ain't got $950 per month just for my HOA' (r)

‘That’s like 2 mortgages’: Homeowner says HOA is suing her for $10,000 after increasing monthly fee by $750

‘Do not ever get a home with an HOA.’

On Sep 19, 2023 by Stacy Fernandez

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