Homeowner finds leak in laundry room, discovers something even worse under the floorboards


‘I would call the police ASAP’: Homeowner finds leak in laundry room, discovers something even worse under the floorboards

‘Send help.’


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When buying a new home, people expect it to be in good condition with minimal problems. However, that’s not always the case. A woman went viral when she revealed a shocking discovery in the laundry room and under the floorboards in a video that has amassed 16.3 million views.

“We just bought a home, and I think someone may have been [murdered] in it,” Audrey (@chickennuggetlife8806) shared. “Because tonight, we had a leak in our laundry room.” Subsequently, she and her husband had to rip out the flooring. After removing the flooring, the content creator was horrified by what she saw. 

Then, she flipped her camera to unveil dark red smears and footsteps covering the floorboard. “What is this?” Audrey asked. “I’m freaking out right now.” This left her afraid, not knowing what the bizarre smears were. “Please tell me I’m overreacting, and that’s paint, even though I’m pretty sure it’s not paint.” However, it only got worse. Audrey revealed the substance smeared underneath the floorboards. “Paint doesn’t soak through tiles like that. So, send help,” she concluded.

Like Audrey, viewers were terrified.

“It’s so much worse [than] I thought it was going to be,” one viewer wrote.

“Usually these videos I’m like nah that’s clearly just water stains etc but THIS ONE looks like a crime scene,” a second commented.

Furthermore, others urged her to contact the police.

“Call the police & tag me in the update,” one viewer stated.

“I would call the police ASAP,” a second echoed.

“As a First Responder call 911 non emergency and get a police officer out there please!!!” a third urged.


Should i sage? Or?….

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Did she figure out what the stain was?

During an interview with The Daily Dot, Audrey shared how she and her husband made the discovery.

“My husband turned off the main shut off to replace a hose on the washing machine. While he was at the store getting a new hose, I happened to walk upstairs & noticed water running down the wall, unbeknown to us the main shut-off valve wasn’t working properly resulting in a small leak,” she shared via Instagram direct message.

Since the leak spilled all over the floor, they had to tear out the flooring before it caused any more damage. When she removed the floorboards, she was horrified at the discovery. “When I walked around the corner and seen the floor under him as he was tearing up the laminate flooring I was in shock at what I was seeing.”

However, the content creator said she called the police and determined it wasn’t human blood. “The police only ran tests to determine if it was human blood, they did take serval pictures as well but they did not run further tests to determine what it is. And I’m not sure what it is.”

Moreover, Audrey and her husband haven’t made any more bizarre discoveries. The only weird encounter is a gas leak. Nevertheless, she’s still adamant about not moving out.

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