Department Of Justice seal on podium

Republicans demand answers from DOJ on hack of Christian donation site GiveSendGo

Republicans cite hacks attributed to Anonymous and the Operation Jane campaign.

On Sep 29, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company building (l) Blue locks with an open red lock symbolizing a breach or hack (r)

Hackers steal 900K emails from Russia’s largest state-owned media corporation

'The longer Russian aggression lasts the longer we will continue to attack...'

On Apr 4, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

Moscow, Russia - February 02, 2021: Logotype of the oil company ' Transneft ' in Moscow City near headquarter.

Hacked documents reveal great lengths Russian companies are going to fight growing hacktivism wave

The 79 GB data trove shows the company's response to U.S. sanctions and hack attacks.

On Mar 17, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

young man on phone in front of kremlin

‘The Kremlin is lying’: Hackers build tool to let anyone text Russian citizens about the war in Ukraine

'Dear Russians, your media is being censored. The Kremlin is lying.'

On Mar 8, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

wikileaks logo on data

Submitting docs to WikiLeaks is seemingly impossible amid uptick in hacktivism against Russia

None of the transparency group's secure methods work.

On Feb 28, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

People walking and using devices.

Tech newsletter: A wild year of tech policy

Here's this week's tech newsletter.

On Jan 4, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

hand holding binary stream between two folders

Why hacktivism came roaring back in 2021

Hacks are back.

On Dec 16, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

A defacement by an alleged Turkish hacker on the WikiLeaks webstore

Alleged Turkish hacker defaces WikiLeaks’ online store

A message accusing the anti-secrecy organization of being 'greedy' was left on numerous subdomains.

On Nov 8, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

A digital space with text.

New leak of Epik data exposes company’s entire server

Anonymous is calling the second leak 'the /b/ sides.'

On Sep 29, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

Far-right militia Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes

Data from Oath Keepers leaked online after alleged hack

The breach includes emails, chat logs, and details on members and donors.

On Sep 27, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

Epik CEO Rob Monster

Anonymous says it will release massive trove of secrets from far-right web host

Move follows hack inspired by Texas abortion ban.

On Sep 14, 2021 by Claire Goforth

Homepage article image

Taking part in this anti-Trump DDoS protest could land you in jail for decades

DDoS is classified as a criminal cyberattack.

On Jan 19, 2017 by David Gilmour

Homepage article image

Hacker magazine offers $10,000 bounty for Trump’s tax returns

It's a bold, but seemingly lawful, move.

On Sep 28, 2016 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Homepage article image

Most people think Anonymous helps the world—and should be stopped

Is Anonymous a force of good or evil? It's complicated.

On Apr 14, 2016 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Homepage article image

Secret Barrett Brown chat logs reveal crucial new evidence

Brown is accused of helping the FBI's most-wanted hacker.

On Jan 20, 2015 by Dell Cameron