hand holding phone with Amazon Flex on screen outside (l) independent contractor outside with caption 'Amazon flex 4-8 Wag dog walk 10:30 Door dash 11:30-3' (c) DoorDash driver knocking on door holding branded bag (r)

‘Sad that we live in a country that requires people to work 3 jobs’: Independent contractor posts insane work schedule

'Why don't you get one job working the same amount of time?'

On Apr 11, 2023 by Jack Alban

woman with caption 'how to do voiceovers at-home (no studio)' (l) order page with caption 'POV: when your voice is shot and you have orders piling up that all require you to talk, sob emoji' (c) woman speaking to phone on stand with caption 'The Setup' (r)

‘No talking for the next 24 hours!’: Remote voice-over artist says she can’t complete work orders since her voice is shot due to Covid-19

'Usually you will lose money on [sick] days unless you have passive income set up.'

On Aug 3, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez


7 ways you can enjoy a flexible freelancer’s schedule

Be your own boss in 2018.

On Jan 18, 2018 by The Daily Dot Bazaar

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Have ‘gig sites’ set the pay ceiling too low for freelancers?

You can get a logo for $5. It's probably not worth it.

On Mar 31, 2016 by Jaya Saxena

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For freelance writers on the Internet, low wages come with high costs

Writing for a living isn't all pajamas and lounging.

On Jan 30, 2015 by S.E. Smith

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How to make it as a freelance writer on the Internet

The Hairpin's Jazmine Hughes talks with Hallie Bateman about the young writer's hustle.

On Jan 12, 2015 by Hallie Bateman

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Could deskcamping be the future for freelancers?

Sartre said, “Hell is other people,” and he hadn’t even heard of Deskcamping, the new freelance office-share arrangement for creatives.  

On Mar 13, 2014 by Lewis Parker

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New York cracks down on businesses that review themselves online

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announces that companies will pay $350,000 in fines for "astroturfing." 

On Sep 23, 2013 by Miles Klee

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Ask a freelancer: The simple 4-step recipe for freelancing

How do you actually take the leap and start freelancing? Freelancer shares her 4-step recipe for success. 

On Aug 20, 2013 by Melissa Chadburn