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‘Sad that we live in a country that requires people to work 3 jobs’: Independent contractor posts insane work schedule

'Why don't you get one job working the same amount of time?'


Jack Alban


Posted on Apr 11, 2023

The United States officially hit its worst rate of inflation in 40-years during the summer of 2022, with experts speculating that there’s a 64% chance the country will enter into a recession before 2023 is up. The cost of living has also skyrocketed for many citizens, with the USDA reporting that food prices are expected to go up even higher throughout the year, not to mention that housing continues to be a massive problem for both homeowners and lenders alike as banks are, on average, losing money on loans because of turgid property valuation.

In fact, based on the current value of the US currency and cost of living expenses, it was easier for citizens to buy a home during the Great Depression than it is today. This has led more Americans today to take on second and third jobs in order to make ends meet.

A recent TikTok posted by user Cayla Sunshine (@caylafornia) highlights this struggle, and many viewers who saw her post are saying that they too have had to take on extra work, with others saying that this level of “grind” shouldn’t be necessary.

@caylafornia Day in the life of a independent contractor #amazonflex #wagdogwalker #wagdogwalking #doordash #doordasher #independentcontractor #stayathomemom #1099contractor ♬ BO$$ CHICK – Saweetie

In the short TikTok, Cayla shows off her outfit where she’s wearing a blue Amazon vest, with a handbag draped across her shoulder. She holds a green Starbucks cup and kicks up her leg, and a text overlay in the video highlights her schedule. “Amazon flex 4-8 Wag dog walk 10:30 Door dash 11:30-3,” it reads.

Cayla has uploaded other videos of her work routine. In another clip, she shows herself seated in her car while it’s dark outside. She puts on her blue vest while a text overlay above her reads, “Day one of trying to make $1,000 in a week.” She writes in a caption for the post, “Trying to make $1,000 a week doing Amazon and door dash so i can go to Mexico.”

@caylafornia Trying to make $1,000 in a week doing amazon and door dash so i can go to mexico 😜 #amazonflex #amazonflexdriver #doordash #dasher #dasherpartner #doordashdriver #doordashlife #1099 #independentcontractor #deliverydriver #deliverydrivers #uner #lyft #ubereats #lyftdriver #uberdriver #ubereatsdriver ♬ original sound – Cayla sunshine

In the comments section, some argued that if she were to attain a “Class A drivers license [she’ll] make more than $1,000 per week,” while another said that they were able to make their “$1600 rent in a week.”

However, other commenters questioned the state of America’s economy and the need to work multiple jobs in order to get by. “Bro, honestly I’m glad I reached this side of TikTok because I’m about to start my third job. What kind of world we live in,” one user wrote.

Cayla added in the comments section that this schedule is a grueling one. “I am only replacing my pt job so I made more working 15 hrs this week then I would working 25. This video was a extreme day I do not recommend,” she shared.

Someone else suggested that working as a 1099 contractor may not ultimately be worth it come tax season. “I did instacart last year & mannnn did they hit me with those taxes when I filed,” they wrote.

Others didn’t agree that Cayla’s schedule was all that difficult, as she started at 4am and then ended at 3pm “So technically this is just a normal 8-9 shift for us?” one asked. another wrote, “I’m confused why don’t you get one job working the same amount of time? It looks like you’re working around 8 hrs respect the hustle though lol.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Cayla via TikTok comment, and Amazon, Wag, and DoorDash via email for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 11, 2023, 3:05 pm CDT