Customers find tons of dead fish in tank at Pet Smart

@garlic_bread_lol0/TikTok ehrlif/ShutterStock (Licensed)

‘That’s a whole funeral’: Customers find tons of dead fish in tank at PetSmart

‘Honestly this isn’t the worst I’ve seen from PetSmart’


Grace Fowler


A PetSmart customer posted a viral video on TikTok showing a tank full of dead fish at a local PetSmart store.

By Tuesday afternoon, the user (@garlic_bread_lol0) has reached over 1.7 million views on their video. Viewers said this isn’t the worst they’ve seen from PetSmart.

@garlic_bread_lol0 BRO PETSMART IS HORRIBLE. #fypシ #fyp #petsmart ♬ original sound – garlic bread 🍃

“Genocide, genocide,” the user said in the video as they see a tank full of dead goldfish.

“Virginia Beach, Virginia, PetSmart, what the f*ck?” she asks. Her video is captioned “BRO PETSMART IS HORRIBLE.” 

Viewers in the comment section are not surprised by PetSmart’s behavior, as most say they have seen things like this before. “Honestly this isn’t the worst I’ve seen from PetSmart,” one said. “Same sadly,” the user responds. 

“It’s the fact that the other fish are breathing and ingesting the decaying fish water,” one said.

Another viewer added, “there’s been legit fish on the floor at my PetSmart.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the User via TikTok direct message and PetSmart via email.

One comment said PetSmart is also known for throwing away “live reptiles, fish and other small rodents.” 

“So they keep the dead ones and get rid of the live ones? It doesn’t make sense bro,” a viewer responded.

She gave the commenter an explanation. “If there’s a live animal in the trash at PetSmart, it was probably a customer after they denied to take the animal,” she said. 

Although, a former PetSmart worker responded saying, “I’ve worked at PetSmart and currently with PetCo, it is against our policy to throw away live animals and nobody there has ever tried to, lol.” 

Another pet store worker said, “Pretty much EVERY chain pet store is like this. I’ve worked in 4 different chains and it doesn’t get better anywhere.” 

In recent headlines, the Daily Dot covered a story of a dumpster diver who found an entire box of live fish outside PetSmart. 

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