Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII debuts an intense first trailer

The game is slated to hit shelves Nov. 3.

On Apr 26, 2017 by Sarah Weber

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Score the complete F.E.A.R. collection (with DLC!) for $4.99

What a small price to pay to wet your pants in the privacy of your own home!

On Feb 13, 2017 by Colette Bennett

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Classic first-person shooter SWAT 4 is downloadable for the first time ever

The underrated 2005 FPS is now at your fingertips.

On Jan 24, 2017 by AJ Moser

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The 7 best first-person shooters you can play right now for free

If you love ‘Call of Duty,’ you should check out these free to play options.

On Aug 31, 2016 by Sherry Tucci

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Activision announces updated Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and new Infinite Warfare game

The game that defined Call of Duty will be available alongside the next title in the series.

On May 2, 2016 by Dennis Scimeca

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The Division sets a new standard of excellence for shared-world shooters

Seamless mechanics and challenge without tedious grind sets this game apart.

On Mar 15, 2016 by Dennis Scimeca

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Every frame counts in Superhot, a first-person shooter where you control time

Rarely do we get something this fresh in a new FPS game.

On Feb 24, 2016 by Dennis Scimeca

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The NSFW trailer for ‘Hardcore’ is a new take on the first-person shooter

Someone finally made an action movie filmed entirely on GoPro cameras.

On Sep 13, 2015 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Lego people make your favorite first-person shooters even better

Lego and live action meet in this fantastic remix.

On May 27, 2015 by Lisa Granshaw

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A ’90s throwback game on Kickstarter has the year’s best trailer

Imagine what the actual game will be like.

On Jan 20, 2015 by Dennis Scimeca

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Finish Far Cry 4 in less than 15 minutes with a hidden alternate ending

It can be over before it even really started. 

On Nov 17, 2014 by Dennis Scimeca

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Indie developers rip first-person shooters in Game of the Year: 420BLAZEIT

The results of the 7DFPS game jam are hilarious. 

On Nov 17, 2014 by Dennis Scimeca

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Three of the best first-person-shooter apps to keep you busy

Looking to get sucked in or just pass the time? These first-person-shooters will do the trick. 

On Aug 23, 2014 by [email protected]

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‘Destiny’ is one of the most ambitious mashups we’ve seen

The hotly anticipated follow-up to Halo is turning out to be the platypus of gaming.  

On Aug 6, 2014 by Dennis Scimeca

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Cliff Bleszinski goes free-to-play with Project Bluestreak

Bleszinski’s bona fides as a triple-A shooter developer are beyond reproach.

On Jul 10, 2014 by Dennis Scimeca

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