Alex Jones falls for AI-generated ad days after losing his company for making fake claims

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Alex Jones completely duped by AI military ad days after losing his company for making fake claims

It was clearly spam.


Katherine Huggins


Alex Jones, the embattled founder of the soon-to-be shut down far-right blog InfoWars, is now amplifying a new piece of misinformation—and his fans are getting more than worked up.

Jones, whose assets are set to be liquidated after losing multiple defamation suits concerning his false claims that the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax, reposted a fake ad on X.

The ad appeared on someone else’s Newsbreak feed and hyped a purported $50,000 bonus to senior citizens who join the military.

Newsbreak is a popular news aggregation app that spotlights national and local news stories. In early June, the app came under scrutiny after Reuters reported Newsbreak had used AI to produce multiple, blatantly erroneous stories.

It appears that the ad spotlit by Jones is another example of AI content appearing on the app.

The image in the ad—highlighting an older woman in military fatigues standing alongside other soldiers—is artificially generated, according to an AI image detector.

Further, the U.S. military institutes upper age limits for enlisting in active duty. That ranges from an upper limit of 28 years old for the Marine Corps to 42 years old for the Air Force and Space Force. However, there are no age limits for civilian roles that support military forces.

Despite the age restrictions for active duty enlistment, Jones boosted the fake ad Wednesday night.

“Old woman in combat gear will fight the Russians!” he wrote. “This is peak leftist delusional bullshit. This is right up there with two men can have a baby. The establishment is committing suicide in the credibility department.”

Some of Jones’ fans were similarly fooled into believing it was a real ad from the U.S. military.

“The ad wasn’t satire? My God, are they seriously trying to recruit American grandmas to fight the Russians?” replied one X user.

“Biden’s New Recruits!” quipped someone else.

Others, however, were quick to call out the advertisement as fake.

“That isn’t a real US military ad, Alex,” replied journalist Ken Klippenstein.

“Me: who is stupid enough to fall for AI images? Alex Jones” joked someone else.

At least Jones is consistent.

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