EA under fire after personal FIFA player information leaked

‘What a mess.’

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EA holds Guinness World Record for most downvoted Reddit comment of all time

Congrats, EA. You’re officially the worst.

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anthem boycott

Anthem boycott organized by players angry over loot changes

Stronger together, indeed.

On by Joseph Knoop

Battlefield V Review

Review: Battlefield V is a gorgeous game with nothing to say

The latest entry in this first-person shooter franchise returns to World War II to tread old ground.

On by AJ Moser

ewok star wars battlefront ii

Soon you’ll be able to play as an Ewok in Star Wars Battlefront II

Yub Nub!

On by Michelle Jaworski

esrb loot box overwatch

Video games will now be labeled for in-game purchases, loot boxes

But will it be enough?

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burnout paradise

Burnout Paradise Remastered announced for PS4 and Xbox One

Put on your driving gloves. This decade-old classic is getting another life in March.

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Fe is a cute, well-crafted indie game adventure

This indie game tells a mysterious tale and connects players to the natural world.

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Anthem officially pushed back to make way for a new Battlefield

Don’t call it a delay. Anthem got pushed so it can land in a “quieter quarter,” says EA.

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Pressure mounts as Anthem reportedly gets delayed to 2019

BioWare is reportedly pulling developers off the next Dragon Age to finish up Anthem.

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star wars battlefront 2

Here’s what’s new in Star Wars Battlefront 2’s latest update

This free update includes a new Blast map and a new starfighter.

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mass effect andromeda video game disappointments

The biggest video game disappointments of 2017

While 2017 was a banner year for video games, there were some surprising disappointments.

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EA tries to win over Star Wars Battlefront II fans by boosting in-game rewards

Sometimes controversy can make things better.

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EA hasn’t given up on microtransactions after the Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco

Despite controversy, EA remains resolute that microtransactions can work.

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star wars battlefront ii

How Star Wars Battlefront 2 kicked off a controversy over underage gambling

Battlefront II’s anti-microtransaction campaign got a little out of hand.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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