Woman says she’s been ‘harassed’ for almost 10 years over the American Community Survey.

‘One of them let themselves into my home’: Woman says she’s been ‘harassed’ for almost 10 years over the American Community Survey. What is it?

‘That sounds like some dystopian nightmare.’

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Donald Trump 2020 Census Citizenship Question

Trump threatens to delay Census after Supreme Court ruling

Trump wasn’t the only one who wasn’t happy about the decision.

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Supreme Court 2020 Census

Supreme Court halts Trump effort to put citizenship question on 2020 Census

It’s not over yet, but its a big decision.

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2020 Census

The 2020 Census will be the first done online—and with that comes risks

The government and private companies are reportedly working on safeguards.

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2020 Census

California threatens lawsuit over 2020 Census immigration question

The decision has already attracted legal challenges.

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Man filling out US Census form

Trump’s slashed 2020 Census budget could mean not all Latinos, blacks will be counted

An inaccurate count could mean a lack of access to public services.

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Trump administration strips LGBTQ questions from 2020 Census, prompting outrage

The questions were pulled at the last minute—and the community wants answers.

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The largest populations of trans people live in Southern states with awful laws

A survey finds there are 1.4 million trans people in the U.S.—but there are likely more.

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Will the 2020 Census be the next Healthcare.gov?

In capitalist America, you don’t count on government, government counts you.

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Unpacking the unofficial fanfiction census

Tumblr user destinationtoast sifted through Archive of Our Own for some stats on—and projections for—fanfiction in 2013.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Counting the community

Reddit surveys members to  find out who they really are

On by Kevin Morris

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