Carmax(l), Woman staring at camera(c), Carvana(r)

‘The difference in prices is THOUSANDS’: Car seller gets offer from Carvana. Then she gets offer from CarMax

‘I was legit shocked.’

On by Jack Alban

Tesla logo(l), Man talking(c), Carvana(r)

‘It needed some real work done to it’: Carvana overpaid by $10,000 for a damaged Tesla. Here’s why

‘What are they gonna do with this car?’

On by Amara Thomas

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‘They offered me $5…I’m not even joking’: Customer says Carvana undervalued her 2019 Hyundai by over $6,000

‘I’m absolutely shocked carvana is still in business.’

On by Natasha Dubash

Woman talking(l+r), CarMax(c)

‘Here I am, out like $25K-$30K’: Woman buys used car, gets caught up in fraud involving CarMax

‘It had a clean CARFAX report.’

On by Natasha Dubash

Carvana(l), Man looking sad(c), Nice red car(r)

‘The car is stolen. We gotta tow it’: Man says Carvana sold him a stolen car

‘Do not buy a car from Carvana.’

On by Braden Bjella

Carvana drops down wrong car for customer

‘Got his hopes up nothing’: Carvana drops down wrong car for customer

‘Boy was finna go crazy in the stang.’

On by Jack Alban

Carvana customer opening car glove compartment to reveal that it's full of water (l) Carvana sign on glass vending tower (c) Carvana customer speaking in car (r)

‘I’ve heard so many bad things about Carvana’: Woman discovers that her car’s glove compartment is full of water (updated)

‘I just want Carvana to fix it.’

On by Phil West

Customer claims Carvana lied about her Dodge Journey

‘Either rebuilt or salvaged from a junk yard’: Customer claims Carvana did not disclose issues with her Dodge Journey

‘This vehicle reported that it was never in an accident.’

On by Jack Alban

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