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‘Inappropriate and inhospitable’: What are Disney ‘room checks’ and why are they controversial?

The trend has raised some digital eyebrows across social media.


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Going on a Disney World vacation soon? Planning on staying in one of the resort’s very expensive hotels? Also planning on remaining at said hotel as the rest of your family waits in a 3-hour line for Slinky Dog Dash? You might want to make sure your pants are on. 

What are Disney room checks?

Recently, TikToker @TheMouselets posted a video explaining her recent experience staying at a Disney World resort.

@themouselets room checks are so important to keep guests safe and in part came from the tragedy at an ariana grande concert several years back – but its also important to know that these happen! #disneyworld #disneyresorts #disneytips ♬ original sound – The Mouselets

“Every day in every room, Disney does a room check. This isn’t related to doing housekeeping or anything, this is separate. They come into your room to make sure everything is safe and there’s nothing suspicious or anything like that going on,” she says. 

Why are room checks controversial?

Mouselets proceeds to lay out a couple instances in which a Disney “cast member” interrupted her in her hotel room at inopportune times during daylight hours. Even a “Do Not Disturb” sign did not deter said room checker, with repeated knocks coming at regular intervals.

The incidents interrupted a meeting and a shower for Mouselets, but she particularly cautions about this disrupting midday naps for small kids who have spent the day as overstimulated as is scientifically possible. 

Commenters on the video are none too pleased with this practice by the Mouse. 

TikTokker @geebqueenz writes, “as someone who works in a hotel, room checks are SO inappropriate and inhospitable and I’d never stay somewhere that does that.”

Another user, @delaneymichele writes, “Thanks for this, will never be staying in a Disney hotel.”

Room checks are for safety concerns?

Annoying right? Intrusive, right? Actually, Mouselets intros the video with her full endorsement of the practice. “I fully support room checks,” she follows up. “Because they are completely about safety.”    

However, TikTok user NortheastSociety theorizes, “No, it’s not about safety. It is about making sure that you don’t have too many people in your room that you aren’t paying for.”

The trend has popped up across Facebook as well. On June 25 in Facebook Group Walt Disney World Tips and Tricks, user Zahra Fleur brought up the same topic.

However, the actual reason appears to be better intended than that, if not a lot darker. Apparently, the practice was implemented after the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival. 


So it was well-intended by Disney, if awkwardly put into practice. 

Ultimately, Goofy may be watching you as you sleep, but it’s to keep you safe in “the most magical place on earth.”

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