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What does it mean if you have ‘Unc Status’? The phrase for getting older, explained

Reminiscing about Halo 1? You’ve reached unc status.


Angela Andaloro

Pop Culture

AAVE has given the internet some of its favorite terms, and unc status is one of many examples of that fact. People online have been discussing the ‘auntie life’ for ages. Now, uncles are getting their turn and a term for this era in their lives.

What does ‘Unc’ mean?

Unc can be taken to literally mean uncle. However, an uncle isn’t necessarily just a biological uncle. Any elder male figure who provides someone comfort, advice, and support can be an unc.


Many years ago, the Black community began referring to valued men in their community as such and since then, it has spread far and wide.

Unc status origin

Unc status memes began taking off on TikTok in the early 2020s. As many ladies on TikTok discussed being in their auntie era, people came forward with what it was like to reach that time of life.

In other words, men reflected and joked about what it was like to go from being a member of the younger generation in a family or community to an older generation.


Of course, everyone has a different definition of “older.” Some TikTokers felt they reached unc status in their early 20s, while some think the title should be reserved for the over-50 crowd.

Unc status meme examples

The phrase has taken over both TikTok and the rest of social media. Here are a few instances to better acclimate you to the term.

@_adammcg no escaping 🫠 #adammcg ♬ brooklyn baby – ★
@dantejohnson2003 Im unc #unc #brainrot ♬ In Between – monterey coast
@aaronmakelky My students teach me their slang so adults can understand what the heck they are saying with their wild vocabulary and slang words + phrases like “Unc status” which apparently means you are getting old #genz #slang #uncstatus #maktok #fyp #millenial #lingo #teachertok #teacher #teachers #vocab #wordoftheday #lingo #unc #uncle #status #words #language #jargon #patois #vernacular #colloquialism #neologism #argot ♬ original sound – aaronmakelky
@austinreacts96 Let me hear yall response or stitches 25 and up crew #fyp #25andup #Unc #stitch #viral ♬ original sound – Austin Reacts

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♬ On Sight Bridge Sample . Kanye West – ¥₩
@K0ll3X/ X

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