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Tiffany Haddish releases new song ‘Woman Up,’ and the internet reacts

‘Woman Up,’ written by Diane Warren, dropped last week.


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Tiffany Haddish has for several years been close to—or AT—the top of the comedy world, but like any profession, sometimes you just want to mix it up. The Girls Trip star has done exactly that, releasing a single to launch what is seemingly an attempt at a side career as a music artist. 

You might be wondering if this is a comedy-adjacent sort of thing, assuming the song’s tongue-in-cheek or a Weird Al-like goof. Such a query is fair. However, one listen to the tune reveals that Haddish is taking this thing pretty seriously. 

The song, “Woman Up,” was released last week to mark Haddish’s six month sobriety anniversary (which, BRAVO)! The song, written by (who else?) Diane Warren, is essentially a call to get your shit together.

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It’s clearly something of an attempt at an anthemic call to arms, but if nothing else, it’s a decent little bop, with a solid hook and groove. Sometimes, that’s enough. It ain’t like she’s chasing her first Grammy because folks, Tiff already got one!

Check out the video for “Woman Up” below, directed by Santiago Diaz-Vence.

But enough facts, what do the good people of the Internet think? Well, looking at the video’s comments on YouTube alone reveals that the song has had the desired impact. 

“This is LITERALLY an anthem. I’ve been feeling so crappy lately and this just reminded me that it’s okay to cry but GET UP! Thank you for this. Someone needed this, including me,” says @destinystordy. 

“That’s right, don’t let nothing keep you down. Woman up. A woman’s anthem!” writes @Mrscherelle50 wrote.  @phoebeshentomlinson25 says “Great Woman empowerment song. I think she is singing to her past self also. Go Tiff.”

“This isn’t just a great song for the Summer. It is a much needed anthem for ALL of us for LIFE!!! Thank you very much, Tiffany Haddish!!!!!” wrote @dr.braxygilkeycruises1460. 

YouTube comments are notoriously level-headed and kind, what about over on X?

A little more snark over there, as is to be expected, but the overall vibes seem mostly positive. No easy feat for a celebrity crossing over into the music world. Looking at you, Jer.

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