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‘Can we all agree that it’s invasive and irresponsible?’: Taylor Swift comes to Lady Gaga’s defense after she was body-shamed on TikTok

The only thing to do now is to collaborate. Please.


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This week, Lady Gaga attended her sister’s wedding with her long-term boyfriend Michael Polansky. 

The 13-time Grammy winner had two looks — a cream-colored bridesmaid gown and a shorter black dress. She looked stunning in both.

Of course, the paparazzi couldn’t just let Gaga attend her sister’s wedding in peace. Nope. They snapped photos of the singer, which eventually made the rounds on TikTok. There were dozens of videos discussing the photos with people speculating and commenting on her body – which, like, haven’t people learned by now is not ok?!

Some said “Congratulations!” One said, “Awww a baby bump.” Another person even wrote, “Awwww!! A little Monster!! So happy for them!!” 

The discourse seemingly reached Gaga, who took to TikTok to respond. On Tuesday, She posted this TikTok – now with over 2 million views – and addressed the pregnancy rumors using Taylor Swift lyrics. “Not pregnant – just down bad cryin at the gym.” 


register to vote or check if you're registered EASILY at www.headcount.org

♬ I AM THE AESTHETIC _yaesthetician – yas 💚🌻🍭🫧

For those of you who don’t know, this line is from Taylor’s song “Down Bad,” off her newest album The Tortured Poets Department.

Gaga also added, “Register to vote at www.headcount.org.” I love an icon who uses her platform to promote voter registration — especially knowing the news coverage she’ll garner from this moment.

On Wednesday morning, the legend Taylor Swift herself commented on Gaga’s post.

“Can we all agree that it’s invasive and irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body?” Taylor said. 

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“Gaga doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, and neither does any woman 💋,” she added

Exactly. People on TikTok praised Taylor for defending Gaga. “You spilled🙏🏻,” one person wrote. “This is why we love you so freaking much THANK YOU.”

Another person said, “Exactly! I’m sorry you even have to say this in the first place.”

Taylor is no stranger to people body-shaming her. In 2015, comedian Nikki Glaser said, “She’s too skinny; it bothers me. All of her model friends — and it’s just like, c’mon.” Nikki later apologized and Taylor forgave her. There are other examples, but the comments are gross, sexist, and don’t deserve to be highlighted.

This is also isn’t the first time Taylor and Gaga have shown public support for each other.

When a clip of Taylor discussing her battle with disordered eating went viral on TikTok, Gaga hopped in the comments and wrote, “That’s really brave everything you said 🖤 wow.”


In a 2014 interview with Howard Stern, Gaga also praised Taylor for her genuineness:

“We’ve met a few times, and I can’t say anything bad about her. What she doesn’t know [is] I was at the AMAs or something. Her and I were sitting next to each other and she goes, ‘Oh my God! I love ARTPOP. I love ‘Applause,’ and ‘Applause’ is my favorite song. I was thinking, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. This chick is full of shit. But then my buddy called me, Brandon, who’s my stylist, and she was doing a shoot and he was styling her. He goes, ‘Taylor Swift is in here blasting ARTPOP so loud, and she is dancing and she’s posing.’ I thought to myself, ‘I like this girl.’ You know why? Because she said the same thing to my face that she said behind my back. Yeah, I like her.”

It’s so nice that these two continue to support each other. The only thing to do now is to collaborate. Please.

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