Courtney Cox puts her own spin on the 'parents dancing in the 80s' trend


Courteney Cox joined in on the ’80s moms dancing’ TikTok trend in the best way

Courteney Cox reveals how she danced in the ’80s…and shows her work!


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The Friends star has posted a video of herself ‘dancing in the dark.’

Courteney Cox has joined the “TikTok moms show how they danced in the ‘80s” trend. This is not a drill, folks. If you recall, a recent trend on the social media platform involved users asking their mothers how they danced in the eighties, with the moms cutting all sorts of rugs in the best possible way to Bronski Beat’s 1984 track, “Smalltown Boy.”

Well, a new mama has entered the building and cleared the floor. 

Everyone’s favorite Monica posted a video on her official TikTok on June 9 with the caption “1980’s dancing…in the dark.” 


1980’s dancing… in the dark

♬ original sound – Courteney Cox

The clip begins just like the others, with the on-screen caption of “asking my mom how she danced in the ‘80s.” Cox begins with what can only be described as a modest shimmy. However, anyone with passing knowledge of Courteney’s ‘80s work can’t help but think “is she gonna do it?”

Sure enough, at second six, things take a turn, as Cox unzips her hoodie, revealing—yes, indeed—a Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band shirt, clearly from the “Born in the USA” era. 

Hey, what songs were on 1984’s “Born in the USA” album? Well, there was the title track of course, then we got “Cover Me,” who could forget “Bobby Jean,” oh, then there’s “I’m On Fire,” naturally. Oh yeah, and freaking “Dancing In The Dark,” the video for which featured a young Courteney Cox:  

But back to the TikTok. Once the shirt comes out, the music changes to a vaguely ‘80s, Springsteen-adjacent beat and Courteney’s dancing alters accordingly. Within seconds, we’re in the actual “Dancing In The Dark” video with Courteney and Bruce. Not only has Cox joined the “how mom danced in the ‘80s” TikTok trend, but she’s one of the only ones to actually show proof. 

And viewers were appropriately delighted. User Nada Andrea wrote, “This video made my entire year.” 

“Yup. You win this challenge,” writes commenter thegreatwhitesnilloh

“I’m old enough to remember you were in a Bruce Springsteen video,” writes user Claudia

Bravo, Courteney Cox. You understood the assignment. We’ll see if any of the other “Friends” respond. Does anyone know if Lisa Kudrow was in a Kenny Loggins video or something?

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