The Best 'Can You Watch My Boss For A Second?' TikTok pranks

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‘Can you watch my boss for a second?’: The best examples of the latest TikTok prank

TikTok users are making their famous bosses very uncomfortable.


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The “Can You Watch My Boss For A Second” trend has emerged as one of the more delightful recent trends on TikTok. The concept is simple. A user asks the camera the titular question before cutting to an often surprising, often very famous boss of theirs.

Then, there’s a whole second layer of delight to be mined because either a) the boss awkwardly doesn’t know what to do with this situation, or b) the boss absolutely knows what to do with this situation. 

Here are some top-notch examples of both. 

First off, you might recognize this boss as one who might “have mercy” on his employees. 

@johnstamos Can you guys just watch my boss for a second? Very funny where are you working tomorrow,  @Taylor ♬ original sound – johnstamos

Naturally, Stamos takes some time for the hair. 

@beis She needs 24/7 supervision @Shay Mitchell ♬ original sound – Beis Travel

“Is there a trend here? Am I doing something?” wonders Shay Mitchell. Great question, Shay. Great question. 

@ryanserhant Really? While I was eatting? #watchmyboss #ninetofive #boss #bosslife ♬ original sound – Ryan Serhant

“The first time I have seen Ryan Serhant speechless lmao,” comments Graham M. 

@tamronhallshow @Tamron Hall was a little weary, but she did great!  #tamronhall #TamronHallShow #watchmyboss ♬ original sound – Tamron Hall Show

Tamron Hall has one of the more natural reactions of the trend. “So…thanks for watching me.” You are welcome, Tamron. You are so very welcome. 

@soulboom 🤣 #watchmyboss #rainnwilson #soulboom @RAINN WILSON @Kartik ♬ original sound – Soul Boom

Rainn Wilson good-naturedly plays along with a mix of faux confusion and bemusement. 

Then there are the bosses who understood the assignment and played along beautifully. 

@makeupbyannette29 #Watchmybossforme #roblowe #morningroutine #makeuptrailer #professionalfakemusician #tiktok He needs supervision at all times.  @Rob Lowe  @The Go-Go’s @Belinda Carlisle #kathyvalentine #janeweidlin ♬ original sound – makeupbyannette29

Makeup artist makeupbyannette29 posted this clip that revealed the one, the only Rob Lowe absolutely jamming out to the Go-Go’s on a fake keyboard. “He needs supervision at all times,” she writes. 

Here’s Try Guy Zach Kornfeld making the best of the situation. 

@tryguys hey guys can you watch my boss for a second? @Zach Kornfeld  #watchmyboss #funny #comedy #thetryguys #tryguys #2ndtry #zachkornfeld ♬ original sound – The Try Guys

Daymond John, however, completely takes matters into his own hands…

@thesharkdaymond I will never understand these TikTok trends #tiktoktrends 😅 #canyouwatchmybossforme #teambonding ♬ original sound – Daymond John

“I will never understand these TikTok trends,” he captions. 

Kudos to those who have the kind of relationship with their boss that this action wouldn’t immediately send them to the bread line. You can check out an endless supply of these TikToks here. Maybe even enjoy them with your boss!

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