People are sharing their bad dogs on TikTok

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Dog owners are sharing hilarious and horrifying videos of their ‘bad dogs’ on TikTok

Sometimes, you just want to watch some doggone dogs wreaking havoc.


Stacey Nguyen

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All dogs are good dogs, right? Well, as much as they love their fur babies, many devoted dog owners of the Internet don’t seem to agree entirely. Pup parents are sharing videos of their bad dogs on TikTok, exposing the naughty escapades of their canine companions.

As shocking and, well, gross, as some of these clips may be, we hope these cute little troublemakers don’t end up in the doghouse. Dogs will be dogs, after all.

How did the bad dogs TikTok trend begin?

It all started when TikTok user Michael Foote, Esq. (@dept_of_redundancy_dept) challenged fellow TikTokers to share videos of their bad dogs.

“Show me your bad dog. I don’t want to see any of these like good boys and good girls sitting for a cookie. Show me that bad dog,” he demanded in his now-viral video. “I want the one who sits on the 50th try. I want the dog that stole your underwear. I want the dog that bit your ankle. I want the dog that won’t let you in the bed.”

The people of TikTok swiftly answered his call, flooding the platform with videos of their wayward (but adorable) dogs. Look up “show me your bad dog” or sift through the hashtag #baddog, and you’ll discover absolute chaos.

Bad dogs on TikTok examples

There are quite a few hilarious hits from this doggone trend, so we wanted to share a few of the best with you. The most popular bad dog video (so far) comes from TikTok user Evil Rat (@bigfatstupidrat). In the video, a fearless white bull terrier somehow climbs over a cabinet door, toe grips the edges of a kitchen countertop, and chows down a bowl of (presumably) human food. 


freaking kevin

♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

“That wasn’t my best friend that night…that was the devil,” user Simonetta (@simofreakinetta) commented.

You’ll also find plenty of dogs who prefer eating baseboards, bricks, passports, and other odd findings to plain kibble.

@lifeofsterlingnewton Colin proving he's been a good boy since day one 🙄😂 #baddog #goldenretriever ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.
@katiesharpp We may or may not be traveling to South America in 2 weeks 🥲 #baddog #passport #puppytiktok ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

Shout-out to this dog who really loves Jollibee.

@.marielcamille Will sacrifice it ALL for some #jollibee and you know what I get it. #baddog #filipinodog @Jollibee USA ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

We also can’t forget the dogs who have a knack for opening crates, either for themselves or their canine brethren.

@o.anmarie Finn is one smart boy #foryoupage #foryou #smartdog #escape #dogs #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.
@kchris531 She also has an addiction to toliet paper rolls and will dig through the bathroom trash to find them. #baddog #germanshepherd #rescuedog ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

Close, but no cigar.

@imlerbriana #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok #dogtiktok #puppy #puppytiktok #baddog #baddogsoftiktok #viral #blowitup #comdey #laugh ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

If you think that breaking open a kennel is impressive, look at this Australian shepherd pulling off a parkour stunt from a driving car. (To the pup parents watching this: Do not even think about attempting this at home.)

@chefboyyaudrey That’s just my baby dog #baddog #gooddog #australianshepherd #dogtok #fypage #jump #wild ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

Then, there are the dogs who love ripping up stuff.

@themalinoisbeagle Now he’s chill 🙏🏼🐾#dogsoftiktok #dogs #beagletok ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

This dog is called “Bruno the Destroyer” for a reason.

@a.riiix Love bruno the destroyer #baddog #puppy #furbaby #fyp ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

If you’re a dog owner, you might know how common potty accidents can be. There are surprisingly quite a few dog pooping and peeing videos set to this viral sound. We’ve saved some of the best (or perhaps the most graphic) for last. Proceed at your own risk!

Sometimes your pup might do their business with a bit of flair, like this pup peeing while laying on its back.

@bigpzap I remeber them waking me up from playing so loud then they randomly got quiet so i turned over , BOOM 😂 #puppylove #fyp ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

Or this one, who has the courtesy to aim at the sink.

@gabbywabbay hudsons a serial counter surfer but this was something else…(this was a one time thing, he never did it again, yes i cleaned and sanitized very well, and yes i know its gross) #fyp #gwp #gsp #dog ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

In this viral clip from user Marissa (@draxandnat), we see a pupper who went number two all over their human’s bed.

You’ve been warned. 

Seriously, look away if you don’t want to see any doggy doo doo.

@draxandnat He told us it was because he was just a puppy. #baddog #fy #dogsoftiktok #gooddoggo #puppy ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

“This is one of those times where you don’t get mad.. not a word is said.. and you just start cleaning,” user Kelly Love (@kellylovesyouu2) commented.

And before you judge these pups too harshly, remember that some of them probably feel very remorseful. Look at the guilt-ridden face of this corgi who just dragged garbage everywhere with their partner in crime.

@theelhabbassifam This was the day we bought an indoor camera #liloandstitchpup #fyp #liloandstitch #rescuedog #corgi #trending #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Michael Foote, Esq.

Hopefully, these clips of bad dogs have brightened up your day, even just by a little. If you’re a dog parent yourself, maybe you’ll find that your pup is an actual saint when compared to the Internet’s most mischievous dogs.

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