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Someone asked what people do in the shower for 45 minutes, and the answers are hilarious

Take your time, because it’s YOUR time.


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Who among us doesn’t love a long and luxurious shower? After a long day, there’s nothing like getting that time alone to do as you please while getting clean.

Of course, most people can’t commit to a full-service shower every day. The stubborn few who do, however, are standing their ground.

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Not only are they proponents of the long bathing ritual, but they’re making the most of the time they take. When social media users started questioning what people who take 45 minutes to shower are doing in there, they provided a range of responses, from practical to hilarious.

What are people doing in their 45-minute showers?

Once upon a time, a shower was just a place to bathe. You’d get in, wash, and get out. That’s not the case for everyone, especially not today.

There are a wide variety of ways people are spending their elongated shower time. For some, it’s me time: a space for total relaxation and decompression. For others, it’s me time: an opportunity for an intimate moment alone.

@mickala_williams caught her red handed #fyp ♬ original sound – hard ahh audios fr🤞

Those aren’t the only explanations, however. A lot of people use it as time for their own personal concert set, complete with vocals and choreography. Many people find they do their best thinking in the shower and will jot down their thoughts on waterproof memo pads. Then there are others taking in a podcast while keeping up with their dedicated 15-step skincare routine.

45-Minute Shower Meme Examples

Now, there are memes all over the internet, offering responses to the inquiry that range from dramatized to very literal. And whether you’re rocking out, standing in scalding glory, or dissociating after a rough day of humanity, chances are there’s someone else out there who totally gets it and is doing the same.

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