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Fortnite’s birthday challenges come with sweet tooth diversions

That’s 26 actual fortnights!


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Starting tomorrow, Fortnite Battle Royale will be 1 year old—or exactly 26 actual fortnights. To commemorate the occasion, Epic has unlocked several Fortnite birthday challenges that are available for everyone, not just battle pass holders.

The Battle Bus has received a makeover as well, donning a bunch of pink birthday streamers (the paper kind), balloons, and a giant “1” candle heating up the hot air balloon. Fortnite’s birthday comes with three specific challenges, two of which you can probably complete around the same time.

fortnite birthday challenge

Players will have to complete 14 matches, deal 1,000 damage (which should be possible over a dozen decent matches), and lastly, dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes planted around the map.

The cakes themselves are located in Risky Reels, Lonely Lodge, Retail Row, Paradise Palms, Fatal Fields, Flush Factory, Greasy Grove, northeast of Tilted Towers, on the east end of Pleasant Park, Lazy Links, and some others.

Alliteration aside, Fortnite’s daily and weekly challenges often include dancing in front of a specific point. The cakes themselves are about 10-feet tall, so you should be able to see them from the air.

What do you get for completing the challenges? Players will receive the Birthday Cake Back Bling, which is basically a backpack in the shape of a lit birthday cake. Just watch out for flies, OK?

In other Fortnite news, a player recently botched a rescue attempt after his golf cart-related inspiration resulted in a watery grave for the player he was trying to help. While there’s some cheer to be celebrated for Fortnite’s “Save the World” birthday, parents may also want to monitor their children’s play, as a recent Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session by a former white supremacist revealed games like Fortnite and Minecraft are popular locations for hate group recruiters to prey on.

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