This puppet version of ‘Wolverine’ is even better than the movies

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This five-minute video is roughly 90 percent more thrilling than all five hours of ‘X-Men Origins.’

What’s the only thing better than Wolverine?

A puppet Hugh Jackman singing and dancing the part of Wolverine, of course.

Or at least that’s what the 18,000 YouTubers who’ve tuned into “Wolverine—the Musical!” since Wednesday must think.

Roughly 90 percent more thrilling than all five hours of X-Men Origins, the five-minute video is a handy way to catch up on several decades of Wolverine’s backstory right before The Wolverine lands in theatres July 26.  A bonus: All that manpain sounds a lot less tedious when it’s delivered with internal rhyming.

In the video, a burly puppet version of Wolverine works his way through classic showtunes from Hello, Dolly to Chicago. Highlights include an homage to Jackman’s 2002 stint in Oklahoma!, a hilarious trio to Guys and Dolls’  “Fugue for Tinhorns” involving Wolverine’s many names, and the Hulk showing up to show us how he feels about all this musical nonsense.

While several other YouTube videos have attempted to spoof’s Jackman’s successful musical theatre career with their own versions of Wolverine musicals, they all lacked one crucial but now obviously necessary element—puppets. The video is the brainchild of YouTube puppet studio Glove and Boots, perhaps best known for its “Evolution of the Hipster” and an all-Gorilla Bee Gees medley. They’ve also racked up a tidy 120,000 subscribers in the process.

Sounds like something to sing about—not as nicely as the real Hugh Jackman, of course, but this’ll do—at least until he gets tired of making X-Men movies and goes back to Broadway.

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