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Darth Vader Barbie is the goth girlfriend of your dreams

We'd kneel before her.


Angeline Rodriguez


Posted on Aug 14, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 6:31 am CDT

She’s beauty. She’s grace. She’s Supreme Commander of Imperial Space. 

Mattel announced a collaboration with LucasFilm that will offer a line of three official Star Wars Barbies later this year, including one inspired by Sith Lord and noted fashion plate, Darth Vader. Rather than putting Barbie into durasteel drag, the design is based on the original concept art for A New Hope as filtered through an haute couture lens. If you’ve ever dreamt of how well ‘a galaxy far, far away’ would work as a Met Gala theme, wonder no longer.

darth vader barbie
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The choker. The peplum bodice. The flawless metallic smokey eye. Darth Vader Barbie has truly outdone herself, while still honoring her Dark Lord roots. Vader’s iconic helmet is here translated into a pair of on-trend clout goggles, and his life-support control box makes the perfect statement clutch. It’s a refreshingly playful reboot of one of the most formidable character designs in cinema history, that also nods to the visual and narrative elements that made Vader one of the most iconic villains of the big screen. After all, what says ‘redemption arc’ better than a sweetheart neckline?

Designer Robert Best described the project as “a collaboration of two unique icons that truly stand alone,” and the unexpected but nonetheless potent powerhouse combo quickly won fans online:




The collection also includes an R2D2 doll that looks like a particularly well-appointed DisneyBound and a take on Leia that imagines if she had access to a full glam squad on Yavin 4, but it’s clear who the true (Death) star of the show is. If you’re set on having a Vader Barbie of your own, you’ll have to part with $100 and wait until November 18 for them to ship; it remains unclear on whether the dolls will come with force choke poseability.


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*First Published: Aug 14, 2019, 6:56 am CDT