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Chris Pratt is charmingly similar to his ‘Parks and Recreation’ character in real life.

It’s usually a mistake to confuse actors with the characters that made them famous, but Chris Pratt may be a rare exception. This behind-the-scenes Jurassic World video proves that yes, he is exactly how we expected: Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec, being chased around a forest by invisible dinosaurs.

Chris Pratt takes us through a few of his stunts, showing off his stretching routine before skidding under cars and running through the forest. Does this video tell us anything about the movie, or indeed anything about how stunts are filmed? Not really. But when Chris Pratt is onscreen, who cares? 

It’s weird to think that Chris Pratt has gone from dopey sitcom roles to being an A-list action movie star in just a couple of years, but we’re totally onboard with it.

Screengrab via CBR trailers/YouTube

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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