Ethan Payne and Faith Kelly

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‘Ethan won’t propose to me’: YouTube couple fights over whether she should take his last name

‘This is the brightest and biggest red flag.’


Melody Heald


YouTube couple Ethan Payne and Faith Kelly sent the internet into uproar this weekend. The pair sparked debate about why Payne refuses to propose to his social media girlfriend: She wants to keep her last name.

Ethan Payne is a well-known YouTuber, with his channel “Behzinga” amassing 4.5 million subscribers. In addition, the content creator is a part of a YouTube group called the Sidemen. Faith Kelly is a social media influencer mainly on Instagram and TikTok. The couple began dating in 2021 and had a baby girl the following year. Since then, the pair jump-started their own podcast Growing Paynes. The podcast touches on a number of topics, from parenting to their personal lives. Recently, the focus was on marriage, which went viral. During the conversation, Kelly revealed that she wanted to keep her maiden name as well as take the YouTuber’s surname.

“Ethan won’t propose to me because I want to be Kelly-Payne,” she stated.

“Faith doesn’t want to take my name and that irks me,” he responded. To which she replied, “No, I want to take your name, I just want to take mine as well.”

The two argue back and forth, Kelly claiming she wanted didn’t want to “to lose her association with her family” and Payne insisting she wouldn’t but still wanted her to take his last name. However, this only ignited Kelly’s frustration.

“It’s a personal thing, I’ve grown up with it my whole life, I like it, I wanna keep it,” she said.

However, Payne believed taking his name would be “that’s how it should be done” because the influencer would only be “half of his wife,” and “bottling it up.”

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The Daily Dot reached out to Ethan Payne and Faith Kelly via email and the Growing Paynes podcast via TikTok comment regarding the video. The video amassed 1 million views and viewers sided with Kelly.

“It’s her name…. She’s including his name in it??? I don’t understand his point here,” the most liked comment wrote.

“The conditions? He’s treating her like a school child or like he’s the parent and she’s the kid,” a second commented.

Tikok user Noreen called this a “red flag.” “This is the brightest and biggest red flag I’ve ever seen like there should be no problem cus she’s taking his name as well so.”

Furthermore, others urged Kelly to leave.

“She comes with a compromise and he can’t argue against it, so he just gets mad. Huge red flag, run girl,” one user warned.

“my god please leave him, i swear them have a good conversation cos ethan won’t stop getting heated over nothing,” a second urged.

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