Woman walks into Dollar Tree and works an 8.5 hour shift. She doesn't work there

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‘Cleaning a dollar tree bathroom for FREE is crazy’: Woman walks into Dollar Tree and works an 8.5-hour shift. She doesn’t work there

'I feel like Dollar Tree are always so understaffed.'


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Posted on Mar 3, 2024   Updated on Mar 3, 2024, 1:20 pm CST

Do saints walk among us? That might be what Dollar Tree customers are wondering after a woman worked at a Dollar Tree for an 8.5 hour shift, even though she literally just walked in off the street to do it. She even gave her two “co-workers” a surprise gift at the end of her self-assigned shift.

The TikTok video commenting on this work-for-free day comes from creator Ugh Madison (@ugh_madison), getting more than 2.3 million views to the video as of Sunday morning. That’s a mere 21 hours after putting it up on the platform.

The creator’s content features her in a number of public places seeing how long she can stay before getting kicked out. In this Dollar Tree experience, she started at 1pm and didn’t get approached by an actual worker until the end of her self-designed shift.

“I immediately got to work,” she notes at the start of her video. “I started sweeping the floors organizing the shelves and giving away dollar trees to my customers.”

She shows herself handing one of the description-defying dollar trees to a customer—appearing to be about eight single dollar bills attached to some synthetic white pine branches. The customer takes it appreciatively, saying, “Damn, a dollar tree at a Dollar Tree.”

She says, at one point, “After a couple of hours, I had to use the bathroom, but they had no toilet paper. So I bought some and made sure the bathroom was up to par with Dollar Tree’s standards before I got back to work.”

That included getting on her hands and knees to clean a grimy bathroom floor.

She notes that with about a half hour to go before closing, one of the workers approached her to ask if she needed anything. She then bought two $200 gift cards, gave one to each of her two “co-workers,” as she called them.


I went to a random dollar tree and tried working there for free

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That’s not the first time she’s put in free labor for content purposes. As the Daily Dot documented, she’s done six hours at Kroger and a full 8.5 hour shift at Target. But given Dollar Tree’s reputation as a place where chaos sometimes reigns, including one Daily Dot story showing how a customer had to ring herself up when she saw no employees around, this might be even more impressive.

“Girl we need you at every dollar tree,” one commenter remarked.

“This is the best one yet bc i feel like dollar tree are always so understaffed,” another observed.

“You cleaning the bathroom floor with your bare hands stressed me outtttt but this is so cute,” another said.

While many praised her for her selflessness, one understood the desire to bring order to the discount store.

“I spent a solid hour organizing the frames at a Dollar Tree once,” one wrote. “So satisfying.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Mar 3, 2024, 4:00 pm CST