Woman negotiates window tint into deal at car dealership, says they tried to bamboozle her

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‘Do you want limo tint or something?’: Woman negotiates window tint into deal at car dealership, says they tried to bamboozle her

‘Never do anything AFTER you sign.’


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A Texas-based woman revealed how a dealership attempted to back out of a deal after promising her it would re-tint her windows.

“So, when I got my car, I negotiated into the deal that I want all of these back windows and side windows re-tinted, because they’re not as dark as I’d typically like them,” TikTok user Brookie (@brookie.rn) shares while sitting in her car.

She says the car dealership she got her car at referred her to a tint place.

“‘Well, typically, when we get referrals from the dealership, we only do the front two,’” she recalls the tint place informing her over the phone.

She says she then went back to the salesman she worked with to ensure all of her windows would get tinted, as per their agreement. “‘They’re already tinted in the back,’” she says the salesman told her. “‘Do you want limo tint or something?’”

What is limo tint?

According to Texas Window Tint Laws, “limo tint” is “complete blackout privacy tint.” One can only get limo tint in Texas on the side windows, not including the front row.

Brookie assured the car salesman that she did not want limo tint. She just wanted them a little bit darker, she says. “Obviously, they’re light,” she says, revealing what the back windows look like.

The salesman, she says, eventually conceded.

“Now, I’m at the tint place and it’s a sketchy little thing. So, we’ll see if they do all my windows. If they don’t, I’m gonna be mad,” Brookie concludes.

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Her video amassed 1 million views, and many viewers told her and others that they should get everything in writing and get car work done prior to buying the car.

“Never do anything AFTER you sign,” one viewer urged.

“For future reference have them do any mods to your car before you buy it,” a second recommended.

“As a car saleswoman just a tip for everybody: if they promise you anything to make the deal GET IT IN WRITING!” a car saleswoman shared.

Brookie posted an update video following the tint work. She says they ended up re-tinting all the windows. “They are darker, and they look really good,” she says, showing off the windows. She also shows off the windows from the outside of the vehicle.

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How dark can window tint be in Texas?

The front windshield can only be tinted to 5%, while the front side windows can be tinted to 25%. And there are no restrictions on the back side windows and rear windshield, per Car Tint Law. However, you can’t tint your windows red, blue, or amber. Legal consequences of having too-dark windows include a ticket, a fine, and/or the removal of your window tints.

Update 3pm CT, July 1: Brookie told the Daily Dot she got her car from a Mazda dealership in Texas.

“The window tint place said that typically, when they get referrals from the dealership, they have always only done the front 2 windows only. When I spoke with my salesman originally, it was my understanding that we agreed on getting all of the windows tinted,” she shared via TikTok direct message. “So I called my sales guy and asked him to talk to the tint place and tell them to do all of my windows. I was able to get it all done!”

Brookie said that in the end, she was able to have them all done for free.

“It was 100% free because along with all weather floor mats, sunshade, and other car gear, the tint was thrown in as well,” she said. “I was able to get these extra things thrown in after we had settled on the price of the vehicle so that way I knew they weren’t going to charge me for it. I got it in writing of everything we agreed upon!”

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