Target back room with boxes with caption 'Things that haunt me from my prior employment at Target (I was in the top 3 in the nation for fulfillment stats, perfect attendance and was a pace setter + trainer)' (l) Target entrance with sign (c) Target employee with caption 'Being the only one who was forklift certified + team of 4 people = staying 13 hours to put away orders and hit daily metrics so I didn't get my a$$ REAMED by the SD 13 hour shift...completed' (r)

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‘Quitting was THE BEST decision of my life’: Target manager who led nation in stats reveals the parts of her job that still ‘haunt’ her

‘I have never related to anything more.’


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A Target manager who went above and beyond at her job and led the nation in fulfillment stats is trending on TikTok after she posted a video detailing why “quitting was THE BEST decision of [her] life.”

In a TikTok photo carrousel, user Ashley (@asshnotphat) shows several images from her time working for the giant retail chain that she says “haunt” her to this very day.

Ashley’s pictures offer a glimpse into her time at Target. The first image of the montage shows a hand truck so overloaded with boxes, they are spilling off. Ashley also writes in a text overlay on this picture that she “was in the top 3 in the region and top 5 in the nation for fulfillment stats” and that she also had “perfect attendance and was a pace setter + trainer.”

The next slide shows her picture hanging on the trainer wall in the fulfillment center. In the next few slides, Ashley shows off some of her impressive work stats that include her dominating the “weekly competition board” that displays productivity statistics for each employee at the fulfillment center.

Then there is an image of a screen displaying the store’s fulfillment numbers in which Ashely’s name is on top, with a 280 score that is nearly double the second highest score on the board.

The Target manager also included an uplifting picture of a handwritten note from a coworker at her job, as well as some not-so-encouraging messages, like negative reviews from in-store shoppers calling the employees filling online orders “rude.”

Ashley notes that if she or her coworkers were rude, it was the result of having a four person team that would literally need to “RUN to hit daily metric goals/requirements.” She also claims she had to work 13-hour shifts just to “hit daily metrics” avoid being castigated by upper management.

In her last slide, she shows a thank you note from her manager, who also left her job at the Target at the same time that Ashley did. She goes on to say that she continues to be friends with this person even after they both left the “bullseye [hellhole]”.

Several Indeed reviews from workers who were fulfillment associates at Target have confirmed that it is a high stress job. One reviewer even went as far as to say that the position was ” borderline slave work.”

Ashley’s post resonated with a number of TikTok users who took to the comments to share their own negative experiences working for Target.

One shared, “I cried every day I worked at target. I got in trouble because I stopped picking to assist guests.”

Another person simply stated, “worst time of my life,” while another said about the video, “I have never related to anything more we killed our selves.”

“Fulfillment was garbage, I’m glad I left,” one ex-employee wrote.

Ashley isn’t the only Target manager or worker complaining about being overworked at her job. The Daily Dot has reported on several instances of workers at other companies voicing their unhappiness with being exhausted and underpaid.

Even one user in Ashely’s comment section said, “I used to work for Kroger/Frys curbside pick up and our department was the same way We were a team of like 5 people and a manager.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ashley via TikTok comment, and Target via email for further information.

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