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‘I do this too’: Customer says Whole Foods is cheaper than Publix. She gets $78 in ‘healthy’ groceries for $12

'Which app do you look at first to determine what you're going to buy?'


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Posted on Aug 12, 2023

A TikToker went viral after she posted a video showing how to get $78 worth of groceries from Whole Foods for a lot less. 

Madisen (@m_adisen), a TikToker who specializes in couponing, filmed her shopping trip to Whole Foods to demonstrate how easy it is to get a discount. The video has been viewed over 44,000 times and received 2,678 likes as of Friday. 

@m_adisen Replying to @Maritsa $78 worth of healthy & organic groceries from whole foods for $12.51! 🥝🧈🍦🍓🧃🥭☕️ aisle rebates & ibotta sign up for a free $5 is in my bio! keep in mind these prices are at the discounted prime membership value. i will also get back 5% for using my prime cc ($2.88) & hit a $5 ibotta bonus. if you dont have the prime cc or a bonus, your total will be close to $20- which is still amazing! as a reminder, these are low cost items you can pair with what you have on hand/additions to other things to make a complete meal/snacks! #wholefoods #couponingatwholefoods #savemoneyatwholefoods #wholefoodsibotta #wholefoodshaul #healthygroceryhaul #hotgirlssavemoney #organicgroceries #cheapgroceries #howtocoupon #couponingforbeginners #savemoneyongroceries #ibottaatwholefoods #wholefoodsbudgeting #fypシ #fyp #couponcontentcreator #tampacontentcreator ♬ original sound – m_adisen

Madisen begins her video in the parking lot of a Whole Foods, responding to a comment from an earlier post that reads, “Whole Foods has been cheaper than Publix these days.”

“Ask and you shall receive,” she says. “We’re headed to Whole Foods. I’m going to show you how I got $78 worth of healthy and organic groceries for just $12. Keep in mind these are Prime prices.” 

In her description, Madisen explains how she accessed most of her discounts: “These prices are at the discounted Prime membership value. I will also get 5 percent [back] for using my Prime credit card ($2.88) and hit a $5 Ibotta bonus. If you don’t have the Prime credit card or a bonus, your total will be close to $20, which is still amazing!”

She reviews each of her items with the audience, showing their discounted prices and how she was able to stack her coupons. “Our pre-tax total was $57.59. I got back 5 percent for using my Prime card, I got $23.49 from Ibotta, and $18.71 from Aisle, making everything just $12.51,” she says, reviewing her 20-item receipt. 

Users loved her tips, and flooded her comments with questions about how to get the most out of their Whole Foods shopping experience.

“I do this too plus a 20% discount as a team member,” wrote one person.

“Can you do a whole video about this? The app you use and everything?” another asked.

Madisen replied, “Yes! I’ll work on getting that out soon to go more in depth. In the meantime, lmk if you have any questions!”

“Are the Aisle rebates through a special thing or anyone can access them?” someone else wanted to know.

“Anyone can!! There’s no app, it’s just a website,” Madisen explained.

“Which app do you look at first to determine what you’re going to buy?” wrote another user.

“I usually scan Ibotta first for the store I’m going to! I’ll then go to the store’s app and check the sales/[ads]. Then using Aisle, I’ll match it up too,” the Whole Foods customer answered.

While food prices rise about 2 percent per year on average, they have risen an average of 11 percent between 2021 and 2022. Inflation has played a role in the rising prices, but disruptions in global distribution chains and the increased costs of farming have caused household staples to skyrocket in price

Eggs, for example, have nearly doubled in cost over the last two years. Other staples, like bread and cereal, cost 25 percent more today than they did in 2021. As prices continue to climb or stabilize, it’s becoming more of a necessity for shoppers to bring their monthly grocery bills under control. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Madisen and Whole Foods via email for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 12, 2023, 1:26 am CDT