Whole Foods barista exposes brown butter cookie latte, says it’s just PSL

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‘I need to give you the inside scoop’: Whole Foods barista says brown butter cookie latte is just PSL

‘There’s no brown butter syrup.’


Tiffanie Drayton


A Whole Foods barista has the scoop on the store’s viral butter brown cookie latte.

In a viral TikTok video that has more than 220,000 views, user Madeline Elyse (@Madeline.elyse98) explained what the ingredients are in the popular drink and no, it doesn’t contain any butter brown cookies.

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“I’m a Whole Foods coffee bar employee and I need to give you the inside scoop on the whole brown butter cookie latte business because it’s gone viral on TikTok now,” Madeline began her clip. “I have to tell you the recipe, first of all.”

Apparently, the drink doesn’t contain any cookies at all and its flavor is made from mixing pumpkin and caramel syrup.

“There’s no brown butter syrup, so it’s nothing special,” she explained. “However, it is very good and it’s extremely cheap.”

The barista even dished out information about the brand of the syrup and her opinion on the espresso beans used in the drink.

“I think that’s why it went viral, not because of the flavor but because of the coffee and how good it is.”

She also touted the affordability of the drink, saying it only costs around $5, while a similar latte would be $6 or $7 at a coffee store.

In the comments section, many applauded the barista’s insider information.

“The way I just ran to Amazon to buy the syrups before this goes viral,” user Sasha Alexandria commented. “Thank you for sharing!”

“Omggg you made my psl today, the coincidence that you popped up on my fyp,” Jasmelen Gonzalez said.

Others asked her for even more information about the drink and even a demo on how to make one.

“How many pumps of each syrup?” Kimberly Fletcher asked. “Would you mind showing us how you make it?”

The Daily Dot reached out Madeline Elyse via TikTok comment and Whole Foods by email for more information.

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