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What time does Wendy’s stop serving breakfast?

If you’re curious about the Frosty-ccino, read on.


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Wendy’s, though not as renowned as McDonald’s or Burger King for its breakfast offerings, has been making significant strides in the breakfast market. With a diverse menu featuring items like the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and the Breakfast Baconator, it caters to a variety of breakfast preferences. But what time does Wendy’s stop serving breakfast? That’s important info when you’re in the drive-thru line and want to know what experience to anticipate.

In at least one case the Daily Dot’s reported on, Wendy’s customers really want to know when the switchover takes place.

What time does Wendy’s stop serving breakfast?

Wendy’s typically serves breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., including weekends. However, specific times may vary depending on the location and the discretion of franchise owners, according to Wendy’s. Some locations, especially the ones open 24 hours, may start serving breakfast as early as 5 a.m., like the one located at the Pilot Travel Center in Milford, Connecticut. Always check the local Wendy’s breakfast hours as they may have different schedules, especially during holidays.

What’s on the Wendy’s menu?

Wendy’s menu is as varied as its operating hours. It’s not just about early risers; the chain also caters to those in need of a late-night snack or a midday sweet treat, serving items from its lunch and dinner menu typically from 10:30 AM to midnight. In places like Salem, Ore., lunch starts as early as 10 a.m., overlapping with the breakfast hours. Locations at travel centers may even offer lunch and dinner all day and night.

Special breakfast items at Wendy’s

Wendy’s breakfast menu is not limited to your typical fast-food breakfast items. A special mention goes to Wendy’s Frosty Cereal, a breakfast twist on the classic Chocolate Frosty dessert, launched in late 2021. It consists of chocolate-flavored multi-grain cereal pieces and mini marshmallows and comes with a redeemable offer for a free small Frosty-ccino or a small Frosty with any Wendy’s purchase.

Ordering and delivery options at Wendy’s

Wendy’s offers flexibility for breakfast lovers, as USA Today has reported on, providing options to dine-in, pick up, or have their breakfast order delivered. Delivery service at most locations usually begins at 8:00 AM local time. This is especially convenient for those who may find it challenging to make it to the restaurant during the standard breakfast hours.

Availability and locations

As of March 2020, around 300 of the thousands of Wendy’s locations in the U.S. served breakfast, having re-entered the breakfast scene with a nationwide breakfast menu that month. As per Statista, there are over 5,900 Wendy’s restaurants in the United States, contributing to $1.9 billion in revenue in 2021.

The presence of breakfast on the Wendy’s site indicates it’s growing beyond that modest start. Note that Wendy’s has diversified its breakfast offerings to cater to a wide array of preferences, ensuring availability and convenience with varied operating hours and delivery options.

For those curious about their local Wendy’s breakfast hours or keen on trying out the special breakfast items, it is advisable to check the website’s store locator or call the specific location for accurate and up-to-date information.

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